Straw or shavings ..?

on top of 2inch rubber matting?
Shavings - straw is too slippery on rubber, particularly when wet.

My mother was forced to use straw on top of rubber mat - she slipped and the horses slipped - also when she switched back to shavings (sawdust really), the cost to maintain as well as the amount of work diminished - shavings break down quicker surrounded by compost, they take up less volume both in storage and within waste and they take less time and action to clean out - one can pick through shavings with a manure fork going away the good shavings and adding more much easier than using straw.

When I had to bed a dirt stall beside straw for mare and foal, it was A LOT more work to handle the straw, clean it adjectives out and replace it - straw wasn't absorbent like sawdust or shavings is either.
Unless your horse is a pregnant mare who is going to foal, in attendance is no reason to bed on straw- it's not absorbent, it's heavy and awkward to verbs out of a stall when wet, and it can be slippery if it is used on rubber mats. Shavings are a better choice adjectives the way around, and as an added bonus, most horses will not eat shavings the way they sometimes will get through straw. Plus, shavings are warmer and lighter, and they take up far less room. Mushroom farmers will adopt shavings which are mixed with manure as a base for their crops, but no cultivator will take straw, because it doesn't make a good growth surrounding substance for the mushroom spores.

Shavings are also significantly less expensive than straw is, especially at certain times of the year when straw may be firm to come by, such as in the early spring, for example. They also tend to be less dusty and smaller amount likely to mold than straw is, which is another plus if you happen to own a horse which suffers from heaves. Lastly, shavings can be delivered to your property by the truckload, and they require little or no manual labor to store or put absent, whereas with straw, someone has to be available to pull it stale the truck and stack it, and it has to be kept protected against the weather, or it will mold and get dusty.

Hope this helps.
Shavings every time.
Straw is only awful ( and they tend to eat it)
I use just a awfully thing scatter of shavings to soak up the wet.
Shavings or Absorbent Pelletts. I dont similar to straw, its hard to clean, intensifies odors and it doesnt absorb. Shavings are unforced to clean, easy to KEEP clean and largely hide odor alot more efficiently.
Absorbent Pelletts are good, but run at a superior cost and can be "heavy" to clean.

My best suggestions are shavings, really easy to work with, inexpensive and they store odor and soak moisture the best :) The best tool to keeping your horse dry and clean in a stall :)
on a mat i would say shavings because to clean shavings. you have that plastic folrk article and straw you have to use the metal pitch fork and you would have more hasl
shavings distinctly. straw is hard to muck out and the urine on it smells awful. you need a metal pitch for for straw as resourcefully and the horses sometimes eat it. make sure to put a nice bed of shavings, at lowest possible an inch or more.
Answers:    thin deposit of shavings on the bottom to absorb the moisture, then a starw covering to make it radiator for the horse, and to keep him clean as matting can stain the coat
Straw is cheaper than shavings, I prefer shavings but my boy is so messy I was using 3 bales per week so he is presently on straw and I still use 3 bales per week. One of the girls in our yard has rubber mat and no bedding at all.
I prefer shavings or pellets. They're the easiest to verbs up in my opinion. I hate cleaning out stalls beside straw, you can load less in to a wheelbarrow and it looks dirtier that shavings or pellet. There is 1 horse at my barn that has a rubber mat floor, and I don't really care for it. We use twice as much shavings on his stall because more gets scooped up while cleaning and such.
Either will work fine. Shavings are easier to muck out, but when you need to clean it adjectives up and start new, they are harder than straw. I would go with the cheaper. Then see what you similar to.
i dont know about the concreteness of the rubber, but i like cleaning shavings better then straw and the horses sometimes eat the straw too :P
if you take absorbent pellets and then shavings over top you'll control most of the moisture and your horse will be much more comfortable.
neither shavings nor straw hold your attention urine like the pellets do.
shavings because if you put down staw it encourages the horses to eat it and whether the eat where they poop they can get worms and besides shavings soaks up more moisture
Shavings work only just fine and it is easier to clean a stall with shavings then one near straw only use star if your horse has a foal Shavings are also really cheap and works best near the mats
I think shavings are much easier to clean up.
Shaving Definitely. Straw is hard to clean and is just horrid to me. Shavings are MUCH better
use aquamax
it like absorbs everything
so you a short time ago have to skip out the bad bits
its light
and cheaper than shaving/straw i regard (:
Shavings are more absorbant. Straw is credible to leave areas of puddling on the mats, and would be less desirable.
Shavings are fine, but if your horse is a mare and she is expected to foal in that stall you should use straw. Shaving enjoy a way of going up the nostrils of foals.
shavings, more economical within the long run easy to keep clean or wide litter if you prefer
SHAVINGS.for certain
I also vote for shavings unless you have a foal. Easier, cheaper, more absorbent. I've used the pellets until that time and they work well, too, but the shavings are usually cheaper.
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