The German Martingale as a training aid;; Benefits?

I have a horse who I am currently training to go round, and use himself properly. He is a STB/QH and he does pace when he is out of harmonize.

I have recently begun using a german martingale on him as my coach suggested it. So far he go very well in it, and he seem alot more balanced in all three gait.

Basically, what is your experience with using these? Just tell me everything you think just about it. I am not a big fan of martingales but I know they can be a very beneficial aid.

Thank you!!
At worst it develops the muscles at the underside of the nouns, instead of at the topline. It forces an incorrect flexion at the poll, and the horse may become dependent on it. It intereres with the rein signals that should be taught straight from the hands to the bit, so when you try to ride in need it, the signals will be different, and the responses will not be the desired ones. A brief lesson in a german martingale can be effective contained by getting the horse's attention.anything more than that risks it developing an adverse effect. It is an attempt to speed up a process that can't be hurried if the end result is going to be correct. The horse should be worked on impulsion until flexion of the poll comes inherently, and is not forced.
Martingales are apposite when used properly, as you are doing. Just make sure that he can be ridden well short it though, because in some show classes (usually flat ones) require you not to have a martingale. Don't listen to people who utter that you don't know what your talking about. I've been there- and it's in recent times a waste to listen to them. Good Luck!
Answers:    Martingales can be great when used properly, but remember that they are merely an aide. Now that he's going well in it, you should limit the time you spend beside him wearing it (i.e. take it off after riding for 15 minutes in it or getting him working capably in it) or alternate between riding him with it and without it so it doesn't become a crutch for him or for you.

I have a German Martingale that I use beside my Saddlebred/Arabian occasionally. My instructor suggested that I get one, because my horse gets strong during jumping and have a tendency to lean heavily on her forehand and throw her head up. I haven't used it too often, above all because I prefer my running martingale (less straps and easier for my leaser), and I hate the reins for the German. But the few times that I have used it, I have feel a big difference. When I bought it, the sales woman didn't recommend using it for jumping, so I've been avoiding using it contained by lessons where I jump, but surrounded by dressage it does help a lot! My horse respect my hands more (a never beforehand heard of concept for her!) and she stays more consistently in a frame, rather than breaking her topline when doing lateral work and getting unhealthy and short in front. I am also worried that using it too much will make her rely on it too much, although I am not sure it it really will. But overall, I love the respect the German give me (I know people will jump down my throat for saying that), It make my ride less stressful for everyone and the end results can be so much more than expected!
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I would be very careful when using german martingales and draw reins. My OLD trainer [[ yes, I hold now left her ]] made me use them on my horse. He did great with them, and my trainer continued to cause me use them in my weekly lessons. When I rode my horse by myself he was horrible! Way worse than he be before he was used with them. He wouldn't use himself at adjectives. He has learned that he only have to go round and to use himself with them. I told my trainer this countless times and she said that I was wrong. After a while I departed her. My horse is now doing great and he is martingale & draw rein free. He's actually going on to showing 1st level dressage. So I wouldn't use them, but to be precise just my opinion.

Good Luck!
Martingales first off don't make a horse go surrounded by a frame. They keep a horse from picking their head up too high surrounded by protest to either/both harsh hands/harsh bit. A German martingale is a cross between draw reins and a martingale. If you are a beginner you shouldn't be using any type of artificial aid and if you are experienced afterwards you should be putting your horse in a frame with your hands and legs.Just my inference though.

I never said you were a beginner. I said beginner/expereinced.I don't how you ride so I can't make that assumption within the first place. If you are making progress with it then why are you asking? There are two sides to a peice of tack and you have to be plain to hearing both.
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