What are them things horses wear on side of their eyes so they can see straight?

they're called blinders.

they're not intended to help out a horse's vision - they're not going to allow them to "see straight". they're designed to eliminate distractions so the horse focuses only on what is ahead of him. they prevent the horse from self spooked by different stimuli that they may encounter (cars, other animals, etc.)
Blinkers. They can be worn by driving horses, although horses can be driven surrounded by an open bridle (i.e., without blinkers) if they own been trained that way.

Blinkers also are frequently used on racehorses, and I've seen them used on firkin horses and the occasional bulldogging horse too.

Blinkers serve to restrict the horse's peripheral and rear vision. Horses hold binocular vision and can see pretty much all the way around their bodies, although they do own a "cone of blindness" directly behind themselves. Restriction of the peripheral vision contained by driving horses served to reduce distractions, and back in the days when horse-drawn vehicle were the primary means of getting around in cities, that be a meaningful function, since driving horses had to deal next to oncoming traffic and passing traffic and all kinds of distractions. That unanimously isn't the case nowadays and the choice to drive with a blind bridle is of late that-- a choice. My Arabian could be driven both ways, and I preferred to drive him with an open bridle so he could see what was going on around him.

This page: http://www.tfloki.com/blinkers.html shows some of the types of blinkers that are commonly used for racehorses. As you can see, within is quite a variety, and some trainers customize the blinkers even more, doing things like adjectives a window in the full or extended blinkers to allow the horse to see another horse coming up behind or beside him. Racing blinkers can be worn on both eyes or for one eye solely. Generally the trainer puts blinkers on the horse to help get the horse to relax during the race and not be "rank" (rank vehicle a horse that's pulling on the bit and wanting to run on, rather than rating back behind horses and waiting to do his best running following in the race). If a horse has a blinker on just one eye, it's commonly an attempt by the trainer to keep the horse from veering out in that direction: blinker on the gone side, the horse tends to bear in; blinker on the right side, the horse tend to bear out. (Sometimes a trainer will put blinkers on a horse out of sheer desperation, because everything else he's tried to get the horse to run a winning see has failed.)

If you're going to show a driving horse, most of the formal driving classes specify that the horse has to wear blinkers. For combined driving contests, the blinkers are mandatory for the "dressage" cut of the competition, but optional for the cross-country part.
Blinders don't make it so a horse can see straight, they make it so they can only see what is straight ahead to cut distractions.
they are called blinkers they are put on a horse to keep them focused on a a fairway they cant see on the left or right side of their Vision a see some horses run up the side and can spoke the horse and that can cause a major problem
Answers:    I have a feeling that this is not a legitimate press, but just in case it is, I will answer it. A driving horse wear "blinders" on his headstall to keep him focused on his task at hand, contained by other words, to keep him from being distracted from outside interferences. To explain, a horse have a one track mind, so if you can keep his intellect occupied with one thing, you can generally keep him from reacting to something else...for example, if you are riding a horse and a saloon is coming down the road, obviously too fast and you can't get out of the passageway, start tapping the end of the reins on the neck of your horse surrounded by a manner that is not like discipline but it occupy his attention until the car passes. You can do the same point with your voice, or the end of the whip while driving, etc.
They are call blinders and typically used on horses who drive (pull carts). They arent for helping a horse see "straight" their purpose is to avoid any peripheral vision from distracting the horse while its driving.
They are blinders used so that the horse won't get distracted and can singular see in front of itself. They mainly use this in race and cart-driving, but are used elsewhere.
if your discussion about the things they use when buggy riding or racing they're called blinkers. and they don't assist the horse see straight they keep the horse from getting distracted by all the other things around them.
They are called blinkers or blinders and are used to ensure that a horse can only see objects in front of him. They do not manufacture them 'see straight."
Them things are called blinders and they aren't used so a horse can see straight. It's to rein in distractions while a horse is racing or pulling a buggy. Horse can't exactly see straight ahead anyway. Look at how their eyes are set.
Blinders. They are used so that a horse can't be distracted while it is working.
"Them things" are called blinders and they don't make the horse see straight.
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