What breeds do best within cold weather?

What breeds are able to withstand cold winters, obviously near a blanket? Some breeds hold up much better than others!
Light horse breeds?
Heavy horse breeds?
Pony breeds?
i believe out of the horses i hold previousely owned, the brumby or the mustang as some may call them do best in the cold weather. see as you're probably aware of, vecause of their circumstances out in the uncultivated they have been built to survive. i hold owned a brumby and they keep condition exeptionally well

on the other hand, the thoroughbred tend to loose weight easily in the cold weather so you've gotta rug them up doubly.

I do not know of any breeds that cannot withstand the cold weather, horses adapt to it and they do not need a blanket, sometimes its best to consent to their bodies do the work. I have a Thoroughbred and a quarter horse and live in northern Michigan and it gets amazingly cold here in the winter. The only way you would hold problems is if you purchased a horse from a warmer climate and did not give them adequate time to grow and winter coat. But they will all grow coats to keep them warm.
Answers:    The larger the animal, the slower the heat loss because the surface area ratio to body volume is smaller. This is why in the desert, you find vastly small animals, and the cooler areas, you find very large animals (think bison and moose and mammoth). So all other factor being equal, a large horse will do better in cold weather than a small horse.

That said, whether you provide adequate shelter from wind and wet, a diet beside enough calories for the horse to keep himself warm through metabolism, and a source of hose down (preferably warmed above the freezing point), most breeds or types of horses can manage very capably in cold weather.
In my experience, all breeds do fine in even exceptionally cold weather as long as they are allowed to develop their full winter coat. I have 56 years of observation to base my belief on, in weather that reaches 40 below F with roaring wind, and observing just about every breed you can find contained by the US.
My 21 year old thin skinned Arab is out all winter lacking a blanket and does fine.never sick. And for horses that are losing weight in winter, you don't need to blanket them.you have need of to feed them. Hay in the belly ferment, and that is what creates the heat that warms the horse. In winter, hay should be available free choice, 24/7.
Most horses can withstand the cold rightly well but heavy horses and ponies tend to bear up profusely better than light, warmblooded horses.

For example native ponies such as Exmoor, Shetlands, New Forest could all live cheerfully outside. Same with heavier breeds such as cobs, drafts ect.
Lighter breeds such as Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Arabs can still live outside but tend to have a feeling the cold a lot more.
Most pony breed enjoy a good thick coat. Draft breeds also get amazingly fury.
Any horse can withstand the cold with a blanket though. Some breeds need thicker blankets(TB, Arabs), and some use thinner blankets(QH, draft breeds, ponies, etc.). Also, any horse that is clipped wishes to have a blanket.
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