What horse breeds does the army use surrounded by its funeral ceremony?

Please cite your source.
I'm guessing you mean the US army. They are known as the Caisson horses. Mostly draft crosses, although they also enjoy some Lipizzans.
Generally the breed doesn't business, as long as they can be trained to pull or behave well in parade/many relatives ceremonies and that they are the right color- black or white/gray.
Generally breed doesn't matter, but black coloring is necessary
I am not sure if it the current one or the one that retired last, but he be a standardbred.
Answers:    They used to use Fresian horses for the most part for the military caissons. Now they use different breeds mostly thoroughbred mixes, draft mixes, and Percherons. For example, the riderless horse in Reagan's funeral was a standardbred.
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