What IS join-up?

well basically, i am actually an advanced horse rider but i enjoy no idea what join-up is (as i have never had to do it and im more into the riding side of horses than the whisper side). however id love to have a go at it near my horse as we have quite a strong bond which i'd like to oral exam.
what is it?! and how do you do it?
Yeah I read these Heartland books recently. This is what it said to do:
Flick a rope at the horses quarters (this should draw from them off into a canter).
Then once you have gone round a few times (and he starts to look down and make chewing actions).
Change the rein.
Then once they enjoy done the same again, stop, lose eye contact and turn away, apparently the horse should follow you and you have 'attached up'
Join-Up is a training method without the use of pain or force the trainer persuades a often unbroken horse to adopt a saddle, bridle and rider.

Working in a enclosed arena or round pen, one begins Join-Up by making voluminous movements and noise as a predator would and begins driving the horse to run away. This give the horse the option to flee or Join-Up. in time through body language the horse will respond near predictable herd behavior: by locking an ear on you, then by licking and chewing and dropping his head within a display of trust. The exchange concludes when you adopt a passive body language, turn your back on the horse and lacking eye contact, invites him to come close. Join-Up occurs when the animal willingly chooses to be with the you and walk toward you accepting your leadership and protection.

This process of communication through behavior and body language and mutual concern and respect, can be a valuable tool to strengthen adjectives other work with horses.

If you wish to try it do some research on the process first look up Monty Roberts or Parelli, hope this helps
Answers:    Join up is a natural horsemanship technique.

You basically make your horse jump away from you and then you stand still and hope they come to you. If they do reward with treat. Then wander away. If they follow reward. Watch videos on youtube first because sometimes it does more harm than right.
Join- Up is a method of training without force being used. This give the horse a chose instead of just making them do it. This doesn't need to be a training method, it can just be to introduce more trust. You perform like the lead horse or stallion or whatever and they choose whether to show their trust and come to you or not. look at this website. Monty Roberts, the great horse whisperer, be the man who first invented it. You may want to get this book out of the library, it explains how to get a successful join up and how to complete t. Its called 'The Man Who Listens To Horses.' and its by Monty Roberts. There will be books at a library as well and I am sure nearby will be a specific book on how to achieve join-up as well! Good Luck! Here is the website. http://www.montyroberts.com/jui_about.ht...
if you call for any more info, just email me!
Join-up is a method of using a horse's methods of communication to form a partnership based on trust and understanding, not trepidation and pain.
The Monty Roberts books explain it well, but basically you return with the horses in a round pen, and drive it away from you. You continue to do this until the horse begin to do things which, in the horse world, indicate it is not a threat to you and wants to work with you. It will do a range of things, a main one being opening and closing its mouth. Once it does this, you rapidly stop driving the horse away, and turn away from the horse, and theoretically the horse will come up aft you and stop. You can then also walk forward, and if the horse have joined up properly, and wants to work with you, it will follow. Then, compliment (a stroke between the eyes) is given.
Essentially it is just like in the raging. The dominant mare in a herd will drive out any young horses, normally colts, which are misbehaving. She will watch him, and keep him out, until he shows he will behave, and then she will agree to him back in like this. It's using the communication of horses to work beside them, its incredible.

If you are interested in join-up, I recommend Monty Roberts books; The Man Who Listens To Horses, and Shy Boy. The first is all about him growing up, and research about, and using, Eqqus, the horse language. The second, Shy Boy, is just about him joining up with a wild mustang, actually surrounded by the wild.

I read his first book early this year, and I loved it. It was an incredible book, just about an incredible human, teaching people that horses will respond to this way of forming a partnership, not a dominance, over a horse. I read his moment book many years ago, but after reading the first I found the second was much better.

Good on you for wanting to try join-up. Whilst I enjoy never tried it, since I don't own a horse, I plan on using it one day, after having had my own already trained horses, on a frenzied Kaimanawa, which I would love to adopt and train. Good luck with join-up. It's an amazing thing and creates the ultimate partnership between horse and human.
Check out Monty Roberts web site for information about his training methods. You'll find information about Join-up planned there.
Monty Roberts also have a number of other books, one of which is called "Shy Boy" and tells the story of joining up beside a wild horse... in the wild! It is a great proof of the strength of using horse communication next to horses. I myself started a horse using this method and continue to use it to solve problem with handling horses. It works like illusion! It is straight forward, quick and usually effortless, esp whether you and your horse already have a great relationship.
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