What is your favorite? stallion, gelding, colt, mare, or filly?

my favorite is stallion. whats yours?
No nouns.

But I'm quite partial to geldings, all of the geldings I've ever met have be amazingly patient and sweet. I don't think I could handle a stallion, and mares are moody =P I'm generalize here but you asked.
I have a 6 month old colt and I dearly love him. I raised him from birth and he is drastically cute and sweet. But when he's ready I will Geld him because even though there are some very sweet stallions most are concrete to control and ALL of them require certain fencing and such. And you do Not want to get a stallion around a mare when he isn't supposed to breed. I also own a mare but she can be moody and annoying I still love her like crazy though. :) geldings are typically best for all around riding and for beginners even though there are sweet mares.
I don't care in the region of the gender of the horse so long as the horse is well behaved, sane, nouns, and put together nicely. In the end gender doesn't really situation if you're on a well behaved mount.
It depends. For overall general riding etc. GELDING.

I love stallions and mares though. I've in recent times found for general riding stallions don't ALWAYS make the best for pleasure riding. Don't get me wrong, I've ridden tons of stallions that are dutiful. I just find geldings are better generally

Who doesn't love a colt or filly too...they are the best to have around.
gelding or a mare
Geldings are my favorite, and then stallions as long as they're dead broke and know not to do anything silly. I don't like mares because I've never ridden one who wasn't a huge **. I like both fillies and colts a lot - something going on for their personalities. If I were to buy I'd get a gelding... stallions and mares are too much hassle for me lol.
Mare. I love them so much, but I don't have a mare unhappily, just a gelding, but he is so awesome and gentle and sweet! And my brother has a stallion i.e. such a good, sweet gentleman, except that he bites. :(a)
I would prefer geldings, but I own 3 mares that suit me just fine. I have a stallion as well but we can't do anything next to him, he's just too hyper! One of my mares is about to have a colt and I a moment ago can't wait till it grows up. Colts are cute, but they can't do much until they are older.
Theyre the friendliest and easiest to manage.
In my experience, mares can be grouchy and unpredictable (typical girls hehe!)
Babies are babies...cute
Have you ever tried to handle a stallion? lol! g'luck!

My horse Razzie is a gelding! He rox! xxxxxx
stallion or gelding.

Mares are too moody, and although i luv the babies, their not very experienced
they're more laid back, smooth going, but have the extra power and are build alot stronger and solider.
I own 4 geldings, 1 colt ( soon to be gelded) and 1 Mare. my mare is such an brat and growch.
I love adjectives of them! My experiences with each one has be absolutely wonderful, but I love each for a different reason

Stallions, to me, our those horses that put together the word "strong" and "beauty" come to life in a more...eh how to say it? contained by a more like..masculine way? (haha for famine of better term). I love they are just so...dominant and wild and strong and powerful in that..mannish kind of way! Geldings, to me, are that way too.

Mares, to me, our also strong and attractive, but they have a more...feminine kinda touch. I love how when you become a mare's best friend, she becomes absolutely devoted to you and you to her. I love that connected foreboding and that feeling that this horse is gonna be there always when you involve her. I also adore their mood swings sometimes. So much personality.

Colts and fillies. I love them equally. I love their rambunctiousness and how everything they are is like...the definition of life! Freedom, free will, spirit, energy. They're so.springy and active and...so adorable! Theyre amazing and I love to watch them grow up and grown into the champions they are.
Discuss next to a stallion
Ask a mare
Tell a gelding

Obviously a gelding. It would have to be one darn good mare for me to look at it.
Answers:    Stallion lol they are cool
Gelding! That's adjectives I own and we are selling our mare cause she's such a pain! My gelding is a perfect sweetheart and will do of late about anything I need him to!
Stallions and geldings. Mares are so cranky sometimes. Geldings are just jammy to train they make the best kids horses and stallions are easy to train. I think it's because they emergency respect in so many ways and appreciate things differently.
I prefer geldings. They seemed so be more sound than your younger horses or hot head stallions. Altho my friesian was a stallion for 15 years until I fixed him and he was ok.
Geldings! No doubt about it. The come across to have a calmer deposition to me. I guess it depends on the horse all together though.
i would vote either
stallion of mare
because you can breed with them
but long as they are a good horse i dont vigilance
I personally prefer geldings because they are the easiest. Stallions socialize slickly with their pasture mates whereas mares and stallions can have problems. With geldings, you do not own to worry about him coming into heat as a mare does. Stallions are much harder to train afterwards geldings and are more laid back. For babies, either. Colts and fillies are both equally cute!
gelding. Sweet, calm, easy.
hey sissy
fillies and stallions
why do so many people like geldings more than stallions?
i show stallions arent THAT bad!!
i don't hold any preferences there all gorgeous!!
Mares can be really keyed up and moody when within heat
Stallions are kinda the same way sometimes
GELDINGS adjectives the way!!
i luv um all!!
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