What size horse/pony should i buy?

well i planing to buy a horse i'm 11yrs old and 4,7 what size horse should i buy? plus where could i buy it (im within the uk) and where could i get all the equitment? plus i hold a BUDGET OF lb1100 FOR ALL OF IT!!

no silly awnsers

I would go with a original full-size quarter horse. They can do anything you ever wanted them to do, they (in my opinion) are the best horse for a younger rider possible. 15.3hh would be a great size, then you will still fit into him/her when you're older.
well you probably don't want a pony because once You gain bigger and taller you wont be able to ride it anymore so i say get a horse it doesn't really concern which size whatever one you are comfortable with.
you could google " horses for sale within the UK" or google your city instead to find some horse sites. the equipment could be bought at tack stores, feed stores, etc. really anywhere like that...
it depends.do u want a miniature horse, or apony? or do you want a regular-sized horse? i reflect we need more info on what urasking for... GOOD LUCK!
I deduce you should try a native pony or cob, something stocky about 13-14 hh. 14hh is ideal as you will probably never grow out of your pony. Maybe you know a horse at your riding academy for sale? That would be good as they are usually cheap and you will probably know them already. However, as you hold such a tight budget, do you know for sure that you can pay for the livery and upkeep of your pony?
ummm, the bigger the better so that way you cant grow out of him. thats a really tight budget i mean REALLY tight budget, but try ur local barn
Good luck finding good tack and a good horse for 1100. my saddle alone cost 2500. my horse be along the lines of 50000. you should be able to find a mediocre pony or horse that is broke and sound for pretty cheap. idk more or less a saddle...a good one is pretty expensive.
were do u live whether u live in tn i have a horse i don't ride that much any more and he is the Perfect sive 4 u and is not get a horse something like 14.2 hands and look 4 1 and equinehits and horsetopia
If you want a pony later i would suggest about 5.7 foot measured to scale (Measured up to the pave the way of pony)
Go to the rspca website and find yur local rspca they ave alot of hourss and ponies in need.
Good Luck
First of all, well brought-up luck with the budget. IDK how much that is in U.S. dollars but it doesn't look promising. I have a sneaking suspicion that you could use anywhere from a 12hh pony to a 15 hh horse. I think that would be best but you could go outside that gamut if necessary. I just assume that will be easiest for you. i'm 15, 5'4" and i have a 16. 1 TB. i'm only 9 inches taller than you so I don't think a big horse would be the wrong channel to go but I don't think you should pass 16. Try and stick surrounded by the range I listed. I think thats your best bet. I recommend a Quarter Horse. They are typically around 15 hh and are great to school and learn from. They will do pretty much anything for you. Good Luck.
Minimum 15 hands you'll more than likely outgrow anything else at 11..

Im 16 and 5'7 and purely bought a new gelding because I outgrew my pony, who was 13 hands
Answers:    If you don't already have a horse trainer (take module at a horse barn) I would really advise you start before you even think going on for buying a horse. If you are at a horse barn/take lessons, ask your trainer. She/He will your ability and undersand you budget. You may just own to buy the tack, and then save up to buy a horse. I will look around and see what I can find...I wish I could minister to you more, but I live in the US and am not familuar with pounds. I think it is ABOUT $2200 which wouldn't buy you much. I will post some horses I can find in your budget though :) You should probably get something over 12hh (obviously) but I wouldn't go over 16hh either since you probably wont grow a adjectives lot more.(less than 6in.) So, here are some good ponies and one horse I found :D

Here is a cutie, but she is pretty small:

Very Nice:

Much better hight for you:

Nice one too...and she comes with everything :DDD:

Also everything included:

FINALLY a horse:

I relize some are a little over 1100, but whether they are they come with everything :) I hope that helped some...I like the horses better contained by the UK then in the US :P they are cutier lol
I would aim for a horse or pony to be from 14 hands to 16 hands that is to say a pretty average size for most people and horses
1. Take lessons for at least possible a year. Just so if you are not ready for all the tricky work you can stop and not be stuck with a horse you don't want.

2. Your still growing and probably won't be able to afford to buy another larger horse. So I would say something around 14.3 HH and 15.1

3. Horses and ponies are plentifully of work! They are not all fun and games. You have to groom them, bath them, Scoop out their stalls and so much more.

4. That is not seriously of money for a horse and all the equipment needed for one. You might be able to buy just the horse for that amount. The purchase price of a horse is the cheapest cog in owning a horse. There is monthly boarding, farrier, shots and wormer, and what happens if it get colic and needs a 1,000 surgery. And all the tack is going to be at least 1,000.

A 14-15 hand horse or pony would be about right for your elevation.
I'd buy a large pony/small horse.

It's not very credible you'll be able to get a good horse and adjectives your equipment for only 1100.
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