Bunny okay to munch through occasional tortilla chip?

My bunny is EXTREMEMLY spoiled. I love him to death and he eats better than me most of the time with a cavernous verity of greens. I buy popcorn from Petsmart or wherever and he loves it popped or still on the cob. Getting to my question…. He also likes corn tortilla chips. Occasionally, I will give him pieces, which supply up to about one chip. Does anyone think there is any wound in the occasional chip? I’m sure it’s not the best snack but he really likes it. Is it resembling chocolate cake for us? Even though we don’t need it and it has no nutritional value contained by infrequent moderation is it all that bad?
Rabbits can digest grain just fine but the salt in the chips is what should be the key concern. To much salt will effect his kidneys. You do not want a rabbit to die from kidney failure.

You are not doing your rabbit any favors by spoiling him. Giving too many treats and fresh vegetables will basically shorten his life in the end.
better to spend more time near him and give him toys to show you love him instead of food. When rabbits gain fat it first forms around their internal organs, so by the time a rabbit looks overweight it's heart, lungs, kidneys and liver have suffered mischief that cannot be reversed.
Even though I love to spoil my bunny as powerfully, CORN is the worst choice. It can kill a rabbit. Although tortilla chips aren't the real vegetable, it contains elements that are harmful and the rabbit cannot digest it. For the sanctuary of your bunny, find something else that he likes and switch to that. Then you won't have to worry in the order of the bad stuff accumulating inside of him over time.
Answers:    It's not the most frightful thing you could give him, but rabbits really aren't built to digest grain resourcefully and the added salt (and huge amounts of oil) in the chips would worry me. I would not even pass mine the popcorn, personally. There are so many healthier option out there they enjoy just as much as the unwanted items food, and rabbits have fairly delicate digestive systems.
I think it should be fine. I used to have rabbits and they always really like raisins. Just don't give too many, just some occasionally. Sounds close to your pet has a good home.
Dried fruit (raisins), grains, too much fruit are desperate. Give no more than one table spoon of fruit, unlimited timothy hay, and lots of veggies,If a certain veggie causes soft stools don't give anymore. Limit or avoid alfalfa hay and avoid pellet with alot of calcium (alfalfa) Avoid iceburg lettuce and any moldy foods. It really scares me seeing people draw from advice on rabbit care on this site only. Please also be certain to use a rabbit savvy vet and you can always get good warning from rabbit rescue groups.try the house rabbit society.
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