Can i use cat flea drops on my dog?

i have a cat and a dog, and the dog had flea's i cant afford any drops till next month but want to take them early, i have advantage cat flea drops, will it be ok to use them on the dog until i can gain her dog ones??
Wont work as good
I don't come up with they'll work on a dog as i think they are different fleas. If they get in the hearth rug and hatch then u will have more expense long term as animals will acquire re-infected. I would use front line on my cat anyway. If we weren't charged so much for products to eliminate fleas consequently it would be better for the animals long term. Hope u can sort it out good luck.
Make sure you read the box. There are some medications, flea products surrounded by particular, that are NOT ok to use on both
I'd check near the vet, but I *think* the only difference is cat ones are weaker so won't work as well on dogs, as cats are a lot smaller than dogs. (I am certain I have read this somewhere)
Answers:    If your dog is 4kg or under, you can use the Advantage small cat size. Outside that, if you use a cat one on dogs, you are using it off license and won't be covered by the company should a problem occur.

If your dog is 4 to 10kg, the dosage is just over an Advantage large cat dose so you could probably get absent with it.

Anything over 10kg and the dose of the large cat pipette isn't enough.
cat flea drops are weaker than dog flea drops so it probably won't work. but contact your vet to see what they say.
I recently go to the vet asking the same thing.

He said that it is fine as long as there isnt too much of a shipment difference, my dog is a Westie.

If you have a big dog, there might not be enough.

Answer mine please

Thankyou xxx
i wouldnt u procure drops for eitha cats or dogs wouldnt do it myself its worth getting the proper stuff for your pet !!
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