Can you own a sheep farm animal?

This is random but lets say i live within a nice neighborhood and i have a medium sized backyard.
Can i get a chick or a goat or a lamb?
Do i own to have a permit something.
very well that depends on where you live i am a 100% cowgirl and i have 318 acres of land, you normally cant have any large farm animals close to horses and cows duh, but chickens, ducks, etc. im not sure but it would be alot of work,because farm animals dont smell very well-mannered, if you dont clean their cages greatly often your local police will probably star writing you sitations until you start to clean the cages resembling every day or get rid of the animals my suggestion is you move to the country or help friends on their farm if they have one or need relieve, farm animals aren't all fun and games and the cages stink!sometimes, i enjoy 1 horse a whole lot of cows, 2 dogs and 2 cats and 1 rabbit.
It depend on the laws in your local city, county etc. In the city I live in, chickens are permitted. In lots cities, they would not be. Best bet is to consult your local police, sheriff, etc as applicable (non-emergency number, of course) and ask what the laws are about keeping of livestock in your city (or county if you are in an unincorporated area)
Answers:    All depends on where you live. Most suburban areas do hold restrictions on owning farm animals. Check with you local government to find our what is allowed surrounded by you area. Also if you live in a nouns that has a HOA (home owners association), you will need to check with them to see what they allow.

Please remember that Lambs grow up to be sheep and sheep obligation a lot of care and room to graze. Goats, depending on what kind, also require a substantial amount of arrive to thrive and with all the animals that you mentioned you will need to supply them with shelter, protection from predators, (including neighborhood dogs), and adequate amounts of feed. Most homes lawns are not of the type to supply good nutrition for them. your "medium" sized yard is probably not enough for the hoof stock you mention. Plus goats will munch through pretty much EVERYTHING in your yard so that is something to consider.

Chickens are sometimes allowed contained by suburban areas but if you get a rooster be prepared for neighbors to call and complain. They crow at adjectives hours and can become a nuisance, not to mention an attractant for dogs, cats and even coyotes in your area. They MUST hold a coop and secure fencing. Even though chickens don't fly they can jump pretty much any sized fence so shelter is a necessity.

yea check with your Coventy housing rules in your neighborhood. There should be a number you can phone call. But im guessing not.
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