Does the humane society ever put animals to sleep?

I'm wondering because I have three cats outside that I have be feeding for a while...two kittens and a male tame tomcat. I hold to get rid of them because their making my dog sick.

Does the humane society put animals to sleep?
Also, if they don't have adequate room for the all animals, do they put some to sleep?
And how long does a cat have to stay in instruct to be put to sleep?

I will pray that they get good homes.
Some places put animals to sleep because they do not hold enough space, like pounds. Others don't, like rescues. Look online to try to find one that doesn't handy. Also, maybe once they're healthy, you can adopt them (then they won't be put to sleep), and they won't be contagious for your dog. However, if you do, mind your Ps and Qs not to lose them. Also, don't just let them go crazed again. Alternatively, if they are tame enough, perchance you could take them to a vet yourself?
Yes, the Humane Society have to put animals to sleep and no, not only those that are "diseased"(?) or "wounded"(?), but those that have exceeded a set amount of time. That time can vary depending on shelter and species.
What are they supposed to do? They don't similar to having to do that, but have no choice.
People keep breeding mutts and designer mutts(a cockapoo or a shitzapoo is of late that: a designer mutt, no matter how cute they are) and pets without regard to the overpopulation everywhere and the shelters run out of room. Everyone wishes to stop buying animals at store and go to the shelters and adopt. And please, please get your animals spayed/neutered. Kittens, puppies, kits aso are adjectives very cute, but there's already too many of them. Quality not quantity is the push button.

Sorry, I'm long-winded, it's a cause near my heart.
Call your local shelter and ask about their policy, it vary.

If they can't get the pet adopted or whether the animal is too wild to be adopted. Yes they will put them to sleep. It's because they get so lots animals that they have to ma room and they can't take care of them adjectives.
Sadly yes, I do a lot of volunteer work for giving homeless cats homes and my mom does a TON of work at the humane society. She says that whether a cat gets sick they will put it down because otherwise it will spread to the other cats there.

I had a similar situation, we be feeding 5 homeless cats and eventually we caught them all and gave them to a nice shelter where on earth we visit them :), if you can find a nice shelter\volunteer program for them who will take thinking of them\tame them i'm sure they'll get good homes.
The answer to your question sadly is yes. They have to put animals to sleep b/c of an assortment of reasons. Either they are sick or to vicious and yes not enough room.

My question is why are they making your Dog sick. If it is because they are drinking in his dish this means there is something wrong near these cats or at least one of them.

Usually they will come get the pet and then put him contained by quarantine and evaluate them. They will get necessary shots and medical care. Then they will whether deemed okay be put up for adoption. Usually the animal has about 3-4 weeks depending on how adoptable they are and how crowded they are.

Is nearby not a rescue in your state that will take the cats? Maybe you will have to drive a short time ways to take them ,but you would be saving a life ...ably actually 3 lives.
Phone your shelter and ask them. They'll be honest with you.

Yes, most likely the cats will be put to sleep, there's more cats and dogs than homes looking for them. You can try to find a domestic for them yourself, or contact a feline rescue as an alternate choice.
Answers:    First you should make certain that your dogs sickness i the cause of the cats.

yes, the humane society does humanely euthanize animals.

The humane society I volunteered at did put animals to sleep du to a lack of space. I am pretty sure that adjectives of them due mainly because there is not enough places for them to budge.

Sadly, cats don't get as high of an adoption rate as dogs due (at least within the humane society I volunteered at). This means that they remain at the shelter for a much shorter period of time before anyone euthanized (lots of people dropping cats off, few adopting them.)

Depending on how long you enjoy been caring for the cats (I believe it is longer than five days, but it may be different be you live) the cats can be considered yours and when/if you drop them off at a shelter they at have you sign a paper stating that you are the owner and giving up the animals.
Also, owner supply ups can be euthanized immediately while a stray has to be held for a certain amount of length in case an owner claims them (the shelter I volunteered at was five morning originally but changed to three days recently.) again, this may be different depending on the area you live within.

Chances are they will all not get adopted, but you can try praying.
they will only if the aninmal is dissied or is badly wouned to the point where on earth it cant walk.
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