Dogs mouth VS cats mouth VS human mouth.?

I am working on a science project which is what mouth is cleaner ,Dog, Cat and human mouths. I googled many sites about this topic but i only found one that included both cat dog and human and the site didnt furnish much detial at all .It says that dog mouth is cleaner then a human which i ruminate is not true at all but .Whatever. Is cat cleaner then a dogs mouth ? Please answer thanks...
Try these websites:
the human mouth is the dirtiest out of all three. we carry a lot of microbes and such that aids in breaking food down and so forth ( trying to keep it simple ) cats mouths are slightly less contaminated near bacteria and such than our is. a dogs mouth is a substansial amount cleaner than both.
dogs have a cleaner mouth
Myth Busters Did THis With A Dog And A Human Mouth, The Humans Contained Almost 3 Times The Bacteria As The Dogs. Don't Know About A Cats?
Answers:    I wouldn't kiss a dog or a cat... but that's merely me.
dogs have the cleanest mouth. Cats pass diseases and humans well were humans
no cats are the dirties animal and bites are vary dangerous because of that. doges hold clener moths because they have antibiotics in them and we don't.
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