Dogs that will NOT hunt my pet rabbit?

I'm thinking of adoptin a dog! Hooray!

I'm most interested in a pug, dachshund, or corgi.

Can ANYONE tell me if these dogs will execute my rabbit? (She's a mini rex, easily startled)
And if no one can bring up to date me that...even though finding out about those breeds are my #1 priority then make available me names of non-hunters? I need specific breeds--come on, people. I know at hand are some out there.
Out of those I would go with pugs.
Aside from hunter dogs, it sort of depends on how you train them.
My dog Bailey (generic, I know) is a lab, which are bred for hunting.
But she's a big sweetheart because we rasied her that approach. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

We got my bunnies when she was five, or so, and she looooves them. haha she used to be a bit afraid of them (which shows she's a big baby), but now she lays down and let them hop on her, and has tried to bathe them before. it's pretty cute.

So, that go to show it doesn't necessarily depend on the breed, but how you raise them.

However, I would stay away from anything meant for protecting or hunting.
A pug or possibly a french bulldog could be good choices.
Just keep in intellect that puppies are playful and may accidentally hurt your bunny, so aim for an older, more mellow dog.
and introduce them slowly.
Good luck!
I have 2 rabbits and 2 dogs. I get the rabbits after the dogs were adults, so they did not grow up with bunnies. Both dogs are bichon shih tzu crosses.
There are certain breeds you want to stay absent from. These include terriers, hounds (both sight and scent), any breed that hunts small animals. These breeds are most likely to bother, harass and possibly injure or take out your rabbit.
Breeds that can live with rabbits can include working dogs, toy breeds, non-sporting (some breeds more than others).
A calm dog is generally better than an excited or busy dog.

Of the breeds you listed, the dachshund is out. They are bred to hunt rodents and other small animals in dens. A corgi is a herding dog, so may try to group the rabbit. A pug could live with a rabbit.
The individual personality of the dog is a huge factor. One pug may be able to live peacefully beside a rabbit, while another one may not.

You have to pick a breed that suits your life style. Just because a breed may work well next to a rabbit, doesn't mean it will be a good fit for your life style. Look for breeds that are fitting for your life style, then find one that can live with a rabbit.
Dachshund is a big no no. Dachshunds be bred to hunt and kill vermin-so your rabbit might be toast.

Pugs are a safe bet. Avoid terriers because they have a prey drive. Corgis are iffy-they be meant to heard, so probably not.
A corgi is not a hunting animal, just a herding. All that will happen is that it will instinctively drive your bunny to you - mine does that next to my hamster, we find it hilarious.
With that said, get a young puppy. If you put your rabbit contained by a cage for a few minutes a day, and let the puppy totally bring used to the rabbit at a very young age, it may not chase it, just consider it piece of the background, or even a playmate.
Any dog is programmed to kill a rabbit. Despite what the cartoons show they DON'T live optimistically together.
All i can say is Do Not get a dog that be breed for hunting small game or any type of animal because more than likely the dog will go after your cat approaching the dachsund was breed to hunt but the pug was breed to be a lap dog soo pug is undisruptive but the corgi was breed to heard so that might not work out to well
You have to be really careful because a dog can actually motive a rabbit to have a heart attack by staring at it. It doesnt go by breed but by temperment of the dog itself.
if you want a small breed you can grasp a chihuahua because they are shy and they wouldn't kill your rabbit it might chase it though but it wouldn't do anything else or you can get a shi tzu but they have long fuzz
Answers:    Dachshunds were bred to hunt and kill vermin- they hold a very high prey drive and I would avoid. Corgis are a herding breed and tend to be nippy. Of those three, the pug is promising your best bet, BUT it will be highly dependent on the individual dog, and less the breed. Many (most) breeds have at one time or another be used to hunt, and ALL breeds are carnivorous and still have the instinct to chase and kill small furry animals. With a lower prey-drive individual dog and like mad of training and supervision on your part a dog and rabbit can get along, but it is a lot of work and they can NEVER be vanished alone together. Look here for more information about keeping a rabbit with a dog:
my poodle is a wimp but she did chase my rabbit untill my rabbit got barmy and chased her it was really funny, a duchshund will kill your rabbit and maybe a corgi but im not certain about a pug
It really doesn't issue the breed of dog that you get. All dogs have "hunting" to some point in-printed in them. I in reality have rescued 2 dogs from shelters. One of them is a boxer/lab mix and the other is a beagle. Both of those breeds have hunting bred into them. I have a ferret and the dogs love her. You only just have to introduce them properly. When we first got the dogs, we held onto our ferret while the dogs sniffed and investigated. We made sure not to agree to their mouths get too close to her, just in defence they decided they wanted to eat her. We kept doing that for for a while while and doting on our ferret so they know that she is our pet as well. Now we just let our ferret loose and they will play obscure and go seek together all year long. Introduction to your rabbit will be the key part. Again it doesn't matter what loving of dog you you can tell since I have 2 dogs that be bred for hunting. Good luck!!
none -this is an instinctive nature that dogs have. make the rabbit's habitat safer from predators.
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