Female rabbit making noise from her stomach?

what is the noise im hearing, it sounds like the racket a human makes when its hungry, what is it??
any prego or hungry or sick?? I'm not sure actually. sorry =(
It could be to do with her being hungry,or the main exact could be to do with the food inside her being fully digested. Thats probably what it is.

All Mammals will make this giving of noise. Like i said i could be to do with hunger,but i imagine its the second reason.

Hope this helps,xxx
Answers:    It can be because your bunny is hungry but if you had thought your bunny be indeed hungry, I don't think you'd have posted here. Relatively quiet and placid gurgling noises are normal as the digestion process takes place. However, whether these are really loud (or absent - though this requires more experience to spot), it's possible that your bunny might be having a "gas attack". I'll post some info just contained by case it can be useful to you at some point =)

Things to look for when facing a possible gas attack would be: inactivity (lethargy), sitting surrounded by a hunched position, grinding teeth loudly, irregular poops (small, lack of)... It is very important that you be aware of a condition call bloat. This is when there is much gas, causing the stomach to be hard and bloated. This is a medical emergency. Whereas gas can recurrently be treated at home, (though you must keep a close eye on the rabbit) bloat is a true emergency and requires immediate veterinary carefulness.

If your rabbit is showing signs of GI Stasis (gas), you may want to get some Simethicone (found in the baby paragraph at the pharmacy) and some Pedialyte. Pedialyte is important as you must make sure to hang on to your bunny hydrated at all times. If your bunny won't drink it, you need to syringe feed. Give 1ml (1cc) every hour for the first 3 hours. You can also do tummy rubs. A biddable idea is to put your bunny on top of the dryer as this helps find the gas moving and provides warmth. Only do it if it doesn't overly stress out your rabbit however. Keep your bunny warm. If you don't grain confident, it's best to take that bunny to the vet.

Don't forget, if the bunny's stomach is hard and bloated, do not wipe the stomach. Take it straight to a vet =)
animals stumuch make noise when they are hungry too. or hurting too. like a tummy ache =(
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