Ferret have two blue dots on ear? ?

when i purchased my ferret yesterday and got it home i noticed it have two blueish looking dots on his ear. does anyone know what this is or if it will ever go away. i propose who knows maybe it is black and is supposed to be there? so whether anyone can help me please let me know
The ONLY thing that funds is that you have ferrets that came from Marshal Ferret Farms. That's how they splodge them.
It is a tattoo specific to each ferret. i'm from pa, so most of the ferrets around me are from Marshalls pet Farm. Before they ship the ferrets to the stores they spay and sterilize them, which means the cute little buggers get their first tattoo. Next the second one is classification they were descented, ferrets are in the skunk house, that's why they have the so called musky odor some complain about. its purely them, if they wouldn't be descented they could smell up a whole house. It is very apt that they have them so you know if your little fuzzy friend could make more little fuzzy friends. its faultlessly normal to have the 2 dots, and it helps you know more roughly your little one. It also helps for future if you would ever enjoy to give your ferret away, instead of a bunch of papers like dogs or cats hold. ferrets have their ears. =]

Happy ferret owner =]
your ferret is the "chosen one" prophesied to come and teach all other ferrets how not to become pets!
Was he flea dipped previously you picked him up? Some treatments treat the ears against fleas like that so that when the rest of the animal is treated the fleas don't retreat into the ears.
Answers:    If your ferret has two blue dots tattooed surrounded by his right ear, chances
are he's from Marshall Farms, a large breeder located in Western New
York. They tattoo one dot when the ferret is spayed or neuter and
the other when it's descented. Several other breeders also mark dots
in their kits' ears, so a tattooed ferret may not be from MF. Some Marshall ferrets also hold a tattoo on their toe.
Sometimes ferrets have tatoos on their ears to tolerate people know they've been fixed.
They are tattoos and, no, they won't go absent. As others already mentioned, some large-scale breeders will tattoo their ferrets after they've been neutered and descented. Where did you return with your ferret? If you got it from a pet shop, then you should have be given some papers that came from the breeder. Most ferrets with the two ear dots come from Marshall Farms. I read out "most" because I've heard that Triple F Farms is tattooing their ferrets the same instrument. I'm not sure if that's true, I don't have any ferret from TF, but this is what I've heard from other TF ferret owners. Again, if you got your ferret from a pet shop, you should hold also been given some papers that would tell you what breeder it came from. Those papers would also mention what the ear dots are for.

Congrats on the trial addition and good luck with the little guy/girl! =)
That is a tattoo mark that they put on ferrets when they have be desexed and desented. Its Ok.
Pet store breeders do that to show that the animal has been spayed or neutured. It is supposed to be that and doesnt be in motion away.
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