Ferrets living together...?

I have a few questions about ferret!

1. Do ferrets get lonely? In that case, should 2 ferret be kept in a large cage together?

2. Could these two be two neuter males or will they fight?

3. Could a female live with a neuter male peacefully?

Thank you!
1: Ferrets are social animals so yes, they can get lonely. They'll show typical signs of depression such as not eating, not wanting to play and sleeping adjectives the time (even more than usual for a ferret). If you play with your ferret all the time and they have interactions next to you or other pets that get along with them then another ferret probably wouldn't be requisite. And yes, two (or more) ferrets can be kept in the same pen.

2: I'm not positive but I would assume that since they're neutered it would be fine. I had a male and feminine so I can't say for sure.

3: Yes. This is what I had and never have any problems at all. They got along just fine.

Good luck!
I've had a few ferrets over the years. Yes, they get lonely whether there is no interaction with other ferrets or empire. If 2 ferrets get along outside the hold, they will probably get along if they share a cage as in good health, whether they are both males, neutered or male & female. But contained by the case of a male & female sharing a shut within, you might want to have both of them 'fixed'.
First off, ferrets are profusely like people. They all hold their distinct personalities and habits.
Originally, in the feral, ferrets were solitary animals, only getting beside other ferrets to mate.
Since their domestication over 2000 years ago they have adapted for the most part, but some still prefer to be solitary.
The majority of ferret do rather well in groups of two or more even and it doesn't really business what sex they are, as long as they are all neutered/spayed. You just have to slowly introduce them to respectively other. There's a way to do that correctly.
One or two ferrets? Well, that largely depends on how much time you are able to spend near your ferret. If you are able to give it at least four hours out of the pen playing with him a good part of that time, you won't entail a second ferret, but if your ferret has to absorb himself for long periods of time every day, you may be better off near two.
Ferrets sleep the biggest part of the day, but they do need interaction beside their hooman bean for exercise and mental stimulation.
Another thing that factors into the decision is the increase contained by vet bills and just general work when you have more than one ferret.
Ferrets are prone to several condition problems and diseases and exotic vets are expensive. Yes, ferrets are still considered exotics, so prepare yourself for all eventualities next to a vet fund or a CareCredit card.
Ferrets are trainable to use the litter box, but they are never 100% all the time. So they go on the floor and in corners on moment. One ferret makes a mess, two, three or four ferrets make a bigger mess. Make sense?
So you'll enjoy to step up your cleaning when you have more than just one. I scoop my litter boxes (I own four litter boxes) three times a day, change bedding(old t-shirts and sweats) as need every year and give the whole room a good cleaning once a week. I enjoy four ferrets living in their own room with two cage that are used for sleeping mostly. I started with an two altered females, one year apart. I found two altered males, 3 1/2 months and 3 1/2 yrs old at a shelter when my oldest female be about two years old. The youngest was exceptionally wild and a bad biter and nobody wanted them. All of them are living together thoroughly harmoniously now.
Good luck to you.
1. Yes ferret get lonely. A lot of people in the US hold on to lone ferrets but in the UK it is frowned upon by people who maintain ferrets as pets...they really do appreciate the company.

2. No, neutered males are fine.

3. You need to spay the feminine first. You can neuter the male if you choose, it can facilitate take care of the smell and his oily coat, but feminine ferrets can die if they arent spayed unless you are planning on breeding every year...they come into season and stay that way until they are bred, so whether they arent bred they can die from anaemia.

Yes you can keep a female and male together but remember a manly ferret is much, much bigger and ferrets play rough!
Answers:    1. I completely agree with "Huh?" about ferret originally being solitary animals - I've read this in several places, but some people give the impression of being to think that because there's a term for a group of ferrets, that they are and other have been group animals. Ferrets are basically domesticated polecats and uninhibited polecats are solitary animals. Nowadays, most ferrets are social and prefer the company of another fuzzy or two, but every once in awhile there will be one that reverts spinal column to normal adult polecat behavior and will prefer to be alone. If you can afford multiple ferrets, budge for it; if you can only afford or only want one, next it can still live a happy life. Just remember, with one ferret YOU will be its one and only companion and source of entertainment. Ferrets require a good bit of time and interaction from their owners to begin with, but lone ferret will require a lot more. If you get a single ferret, stick it in a enclose for the majority of the day and ignore it for the most part it can any 1. become aggressive and nasty towards humans or 2. get depressed and basically do nil more than lay around all day (a boring life for him and a boring pet for you). A lone ferret should be getting *at least* 4 hours of interaction from it's human.

2. & 3. As long as adjectives ferrets are neutered/spayed, they can all live happily together. I own three males and one female (did have two females until recently and adjectives ferrets are neutered/spayed) and they all live together and get along great. Again, they're adjectives different, so you might come across one every now and then that doesn't get along beside other ferrets or even one that prefers only the company of a certain ferret or group of ferret, but for the most part they are social and will get along just fine. If you win two together at the same place, then chances are they'll get hold of along fine throughout life. If you get one now and a moment later, take the first one along to pick out his new buddy (this will also engineer the first introduction at your house go smoother as they've already met on neutral territory and road domestic together).
1. yes you should get 2 of them.

2. As long as they are neuter.

3. Yes as long as the male is neutered.

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