How big does a miniature horse own to be to ride him/her?

Well, I'm 5'2'', and I weigh 95 lbs. How big/old does a miniature horse have to be so that I can ride him/her? THanks so much xP Also, can Miniature horses be ridden at all?
I think you're too big. They should with the sole purpose be ridden by small kids.
I used to train and show miniature horses and I only let my little sister (she was around 5 years old) sit on them.
They pulled buggies though, you could have one pull a buggy but I wouldn't ride it.
A Mini horse should for your size be about 12 hh ( 4 inches X hh size ) at the withers , and around 500 lb .
Never try to start riding a horse below the age of 2 as there knees are still growing and you can hurt them . Some breeds of horses like Arabians should be started under saddle around 4-5 , as they grow slower.
Get a pony , a Welsh or Quarter pony they provide them for $20-500 at our local action house in Turlock Ca .
I have a 2' tall horse that I ride adjectives the time, and I weigh 200 lbs. Of course, he's been on steroids for 5 years.
While perhaps a two year outdated could be put on the back of a larger mini for a few minutes and walked around, no mini horse is large satisfactory to be ridden, end of story. You would need a large pony or full-size horse to ride.
Answers:    Sorry, but you probably need a pony or bigger horse. Miniature horses can verbs cart, participate in competitions, and be ridden by small kids, but should not get more than about 50 pounds.
no no they cannot be ridden miss, they are show horses, they are meant to be seen not ridden, you may hurt him whether you try :[

sorry miss, he for looks no touchy :/
youre not supposed to ride them, but i think you know that already.
Miniature horses cannot be ridden. But they can verbs a cart/carriage just fine. They are sooooooooo adorable!!
Miniature horses can pull small one-person carriages, but that's pretty much the extent of it.
A miniature horse isnt meant to be ridden.
no minature horses cant be ridden but ponies can up to just about 100 lbs and horses can be ridden at mostly any weight.
lol mini horses are fun
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