How can I stop my rabbit from chewing cords?

My rabbit, Oreo, is 1.5 years old. He's real cute. But he's such an ***. He chews in EVERYTHING. I know rabbits can't abet it. I give him chew toys, but he couldn't care less for them. I buy him the little snack boxes that he have to chew through. His house is wood...I let him out of the cage quite commonly, but he's starting to spend more time IN the cage because he's into everything. I love him & I care for him. I don't want to give him absent, but I'm going nuts. I've had to replace my phone about 5x. He chews the cords that can not be replaced. He chewed the vacuum cord. He chews clothes, shoes, belts, the carpet, the wood kitchen table. He's even chewed the porthole sill. He's also chewed the bottom of my bed. Like, IN my bed! What do I do?
Next time he does it grab the cord and choke the barstard.
Rabbit along next to all rodents have to continually chew on things because their teeth never stop growing. If they don't chew their teeth would curl up and under an they would die of starvation. I am sorry but he will never stop chewing. You are going to enjoy to build him a pen in the garage or outside (summertime) or somewhere where he can't win to your stuff.
There are several methods. If you can place some of the cords behind furniture or block access to where the cord are. There is Bitter Apple for rabbits which you could try, apply some on the cords BUT what has worked for me be to buy the foam insulation covers you can buy and any home improvement stores these foam tubes are used to insult hot water pipes, they are just about at least half an inch thick, I put my cords inside these tubes and they enjoy a glue tape seal that closes it but as a added benchmark I tape wrap duct tape around it. I have have rabbits for 15 years and they are out during the day and have never had any of my rabbits chew at the insulated cords and I enjoy had 5 rabbits! In the case of all the other items offer your rabbit an old phone book to chew give him things which he is allow to chew a used toilet roll stuffed with hay keep them busy, and if you see him chewing something that he's not to chew make a loud sharp hullabaloo with your voice say no and you can squirt some water from a spray bottle when you see that unpromising behaviour and be consistent.
Have you tried salt or mineral wheels? You can purchase tubing at your hardware store that can be placed around your wires to protect them. You may not be able to stop him from chewing but you could maybe find a room that can be bunny proofed and let him roam in there instead of your full house.

get a like a dog blockade area for houses and let that be his run around area
there's a spray you can use that repels animals from things you don't want it to mess up. go to your pet store and you should find it there
Answers:    Bunny Proofing. All items need to be secured out of reach. Cords can be wrapped in protective covers and things similar to your vacuum need to be put away, like surrounded by a closet behind a closed door. Clothes, shoes, belts all in the closet. You can try aroma deterrents on furniture items. I like Fooey- I find things like bitter apple spray most rabbits actually resembling. You can also try hot sauce if the Fooey doesn't work. Read here for more information on bunny proofing your home, including tips on protecting your carpet:
i don't know how much help this might be but they enjoy cord covers that might help i believe they have ones that are a material he couldn't chew through.
Keep your bunny contained by a playpen or dont let him chew on anything you don't want him to while he's out. Like remove all cords and bunny-proof your home beforehand letting Oreo out for him daily playtime out of his cage.
Yeah.. run to the pet store and get bitter apple spray.. Spray that all over the cords.. The rabbit will stay away from it. Tastes really impossible.
You could try Bitter Apple. Most all pet store carry it and it has be around for ages. Spray it on what ever you don't want him to chew.
We have a puppy and some stuff I need to be sure is up and out of chew zone. Munching and chewing are liberal of a rabbits "thing". Try to put things he can chew around him.
My friend got her small dog a baby's gate that formed an octagon. The animal had room to play, but wasn't adjectives over the place.
find an toy an distract it
Check out this website-
preserve it in a cage, i was in a state when my rabbit died from chewing a cord
When he starts chewing, say Ah, Ah!! really loud. Startle him. Let him know that it's not ok to be chewing. You can also buy cord protectors at your local pet store that stop him from chewing on those irreplaceable cords.
oh. i had a bunny. =) she was exquisite <3. haha she would chew on cords alot and my dad would get really mad. but like after 2 days or something she stopped. =)) (haha thats roxy for you) bunnies love to chew on things. so what i would do inm ur situation is close to get a stick from the backyard (not a twig) and put it next to his mouth. he will start chewing on that more. and if you put some within his cage then that could help too. I wouldnt hold on to on buying chew be honest they really dont care for them. (i NEVER bought roxy a chew toy =] ) and if your bunny is ever bored then approaching get a MEDIUM size teddy bear and put it on his put a bet on for a few seconds. after that put it infront of his face and he will start playing with that. (the im better than you play ;] )
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