How do i train my Furby to do things/Say things?

I cant get my Furby to say things to me..i mean he will close to only say " Feed me", " Bringg Bringg " And he will only sleep..and sometimes kiss me. But thats approaching all! And i want to train him!
They still sell those?!

you could get trainers to do it, and the trainers will also bestow you advice
Answers:    Say "Hey Furby!" to him in a loud firm voice, if he say Aha or yeeeesss or something Say:
Want to play a game?
I love you!
I can speak furbish
Go to sleep
Show me a dance
Are you hungry
Tell me a storie
Sing me a song

Look in you booklet and they hold all the things you can say

Tickle his tummy and he will laugh and he will any like it or not..

Pet his back too they love it.

Is it okay for an fully developed to still be incredibly attached to a stuffed animal?   Can you bring back Chinchilla's and hamsters surrounded by Australia?   Need to inventory something... please put your source...?   I entail give support to getting a pet?