How to fatten a rabbit?

please help me my rabbit is so skinny i am sitting with him now please please report me how to fatten him.:[
It needs to be in motion to the vet. But you could feed it alfalfa hay to help gain weight. Alfalfa i single for babies, because its fattening. But in this case you could try that. However that could cause problems as ably, due to the excess calcium. Good luck
Okay, it will take probably a couple months to fatten him up using these foods:

Oats feed plentiful of these per day,i own,had to restrict my bunnies to this as they are feeling a little plump! =D So he should smooth put on weight with this,just the plain porridge oats not the instant ones. Or other grain are fattening.

Sunflower seeds,these are also high in solid,if he doesn't like these buy some plain sunflower cooking oil to mix within with the oats or his mix/pellets you already feed him.Or Hazelnuts & Walnuts.

Seed treats,from a pet shop are great,these can help a rabbit gain shipment. Or other not too sugary treats they sell.

Root vegetables,Such as carrots,swedes,Parsnips,Cooked potato(in small amounts) Beetroot,radishes etc.

Plus give him plenty of his mix/pellets,whether he doesn't eat a lot of that find one he will eat resembling mad. You can buy apple flavored mixes too.

If in 2 months or so he still hasn't gained any shipment a trip to the vets would be needed.

Hope this helps & he gains immensity soon!


I understand how you feel i am 14 years old. I try to restore to health my rabbits at home rather than going to the vets. I own recently cured a rabbit with a minor case of bloat/wool block using Pineapple liquid & cat hairball remedy. Which don't get me wrong if needed i would of taken her to the vets,but whether i can i will try!! =D try my ideas he shouldn't need to go to the vet.
Try to feed him many meals though out the afternoon,say 3-4 fair sized meals. As a Dwarf-Medium rabbit requests 2ozs-3ozs of mix/pellets per day(thats 56gms) And a big bunny needs 5ozs-9ozs per day. Though your bunny needs as much food as i can gain. If he doesn't even gain a little weight in 2 months time he may hold Internal parasites,Worms. If so feeding pumpkin seeds or garlic contained by his water bottle,should sort them out as these foods expel worms without hurting the bunny,some won't eat pumpkin seed though...

So try those ideas i gave you & some other answers that were well brought-up. =D good luck & please feel free to email me privately if you inevitability extra help! xxx
go to or call the vet. i suggest going to the vet beside your rabbit.
this is very serious..its not ur fault its the rabbit it might not like the food ur feed it or have a medical go to a vet would be the best thing to to...honourable luck!
Try switching food brand or take him/her to the vet
im gonna guess u should feed it?maybe

just dont get through it for thanksgiving
Answers:    Is he not eating?
How many times a day are you feed it?
What are you feeding it?

Make sure to feed it twice a sunshine, once in the morning and once at night so that he can start gaining substance.

You could make a mix of oats, rabbit pellets, black oil sunflower seed, and give it to him once in the morning. Also, make certain he has timothy hay available, or alfalfa hay (since he's skinny you could try this) but limit the amount of alfalfa hay if you wish to give him this since it may cause problems later on. In the darkness give him the same mix again.

The higher the protein % within the rabbit food the better, not only will he gain weight but his fur will turn nicer. Make sure in the past buying rabbit food that you ask what the percentage is, the more the better, 14%-16% seems about right, don't buy anything below that. Your rabbit will probably now is not righteous for him.

Make sure he has clean dampen available, if he is using a water bottle you should try to clean it and restock it every two days. If the rabbit doesn't have good water available it won't chomp through.
ummmm you can feed it duh
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