Is it ok to breed a father rabbit to daughter?

I have 3 rabbits. I have had rather over a year. There mom passed away in the winter. And the the 3 other young ones be sold or passed away in the winter. And I was wondering whether it is ok to mate them? PLZ answer
U can breed them once, its called line breeding, although I would not recommend it. why do u want to breed them besides, are they pets. if u are trying to make some extra currency. sell the male and buy a new one explicitly not related, u will have better bunnies
It's morally wrong, and can make the female seedy depending on if she is young, or passed the breeding age without giving birth. The babies will be sickly, and may have genetic defects. I recommend getting your buns neutered. This make them mellower, reduces how much the male will scent mark, and reduce the risk of ovary/cervic cancer for the female by 80%. That's the choice you should make if you thoroughness about those bunnies.

No Way..
I mean, aside from being morally wrong and generous of gross, the babies could have serious health issues and be weak from inbreeding.

But doesn`t matter what floats your boat I suppose
Yes it's ok, you just can't breed brothers and sisters, lot's of breeders breed father to daughter. I only agree near breeding if they are purebred, are show quality, have obedient genes. If not then there are enough mixed breed rabbits contained by the world why bring more, it's selfish
Please, Please Please! DO NOT BREED YOUR RABBITS!

There are so many innocent little rabbits contained by shelters that need good homes. If you bring in more rabbits into this world by breeding your bunnies, and craft a profit off of it, you are pretty much making money off of sentencing those poor rabbits in shelters to die. If associates buy your inbred bunnies, they will not adopt the deserving rabbits. Also, if you have to ask about breeding, next you are probably not a reputable breeder, and should not be breeding ANY animal!

Please do not breed your rabbits. You should get them spayed or neutered as soon as possible! There is a reason we own the phrase "breeding like rabbits". Trust me, we do not need people to breed more rabbits until the homeless bunnies are adjectives adopted!
that would be inbreeding. doesn't sound like a apposite idea to me, usual inbreeds in humans and in animals come out next to deformities weather its physically or mentally.
the shelters are full of rabbits that family dump. please don't breed.
You're gonna have retarted rabbit babies =P
Answers:    Please don't breed if your rabbit is not purebred, like everyone says. There's ample mutt rabbits out there.

If you are breeding to show rabbits, then yes it's fine. But, if they hold any genetic defects you shouldn't breed them. Because since they are related all the defects from both hold more probabilities to pass to the bunnies, just like they hold a little more probabilities of their good qualities endorsement down. I would say it's way risky if you don't own the greatest rabbit quality and you shouldn't try.
That is kinda sick but yeah i think so.
No it's called BREEDING IN THE FAMILY and the babies will be screwed up!
but one is like 500 years older than the other!! wtf thats really wierd...
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