Is ZuPreem ferret food 'bad'?

I posted on a website about one of our ferrets dying, and when I mentioned the food she was on, someone be saying it was 'bad' because of the carbs in it, but every website I hold searched on before we got them said it be a good quality food, although not the best there is.

COuld you please post the links proving it's not a 'bleak food' so I can help prove my point to the person who obviously doesn't believe me?

Thanks =3
Just put in the picture her to read the label on the back of the bag and consequently tell her to get a life. I'm so sick of society saying that certain brand foods are killing ferret. Its a bunch of baloney. And the carbohydrate/insulinoma theory is just that -- a theory. A big one is 8in1 Ultra. "oh its horrible...adjectives of the corn." My sisters ferret ate 8in1 Ultra its whole life. She lived to be 9 1/2 years old. She died of cardiomyopathy, NOT insulinoma. Same beside my deceased grandmothers dog. She is currently 15 yrs. old and a cocker spaniel. She has be eating a mixture of Alpo and Moist and Meaty her whole life and the with the sole purpose health problems she has are eye and ear infections which are common surrounded by spaniels and not food related at all.

Point is, before I go sour on a tangent...there are good foods BUT there are better foods. All animal foods must unite certain nutritional requirements before hitting the shelves. Ultimately what you feed will not assassinate your pet, however, it does sometimes play a role in general health. (lush fur, nice skin, etc.)

Buy what you can afford and cold-shoulder the troublemakers.
I don't think it is the food to be exact causing your ferret to die, however there are better foods out there. Much greater quality and you get more for what you pay for. It is believed that grain (like wheat in Zupreem) cause Insulinoma disease and other problems with ferret because of the carbs. I feed my ferrets a grain free low carb diet. In ferret kibble you cannot receive carb free food because you need the carbs to hold the kibble in shape. So I'm sorry I can't help you prove its not a impossible food. It is way better than a lot of other ferret kibbles out there and it is still rate a 10 out of 10 of MD Ferret Paws diet chart with 10 being the best.
So you could at least show her that.

Edit: Please facts I did not just say grains inflict Insulinoma (ferret type 2 diabetes) The grains contribute to carbohydrate glut disease such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, acidosis and arthristis as well.

If you devour crap then your health will be crap, just because you can't see it doesn't imply it isn't there. You know what they are what you eat.
Answers:    Everyone have their opinion as to what's good and what's bad, regardless of any facts that are out nearby, so try to keep that in mind. As far as the easier to find foods, I consider Zupreem to be one of the better ones out at hand. I don't consider it to be the best food out there, but it's definitely not the worst either. The carb count is almost 31%, which is high, but it's also about the average for most cat and ferret foods on the market. Unless a food advertise as a "low carb" food, then the carb count is usually in the 30% stock. Ferrets are obligate carnivores and don't get energy from carbs, they get their strength from fats and protein (and that should be meat-based protein), so they really don't need a food high contained by carbs. Also, it's thought that too many carbs can lead to insulinoma. There might not be anything set in stone around this yet, but more and more people are tendency towards high carbs being at least quantity of the reason for the high rate of insulinoma in American ferret. European ferrets tend to live longer, healtheir lives and the biggest difference between how Americans and Europeans raise their ferrets is diet (most Americans nurture kibble, most Europeans feed raw and/or whole prey), so I distinctly believe that it does play a role in how healthy our ferrets are.

I don't enjoy any links to give you to prove your point, but don't worry about proving your point to her. Like I said, everyone have their opinions no matter how many facts you throw within their face. You did your research before picking a ferret food, so that shows that you really care something like giving your ferret the best - that's a lot more than some people will do. If you're happy beside the food and it isn't causing your ferret any obvious problems, then stick near it. Marshalls food is rated pretty low, but there are people out within that feed only Marshalls and have ferret that live very long, healthy lives. Diet might play some role, but there's definitely deeply of other things to take into consideration as well. I think Zupreem is an ok food - not the best but not the worst. If it works for you and your ferret, then stick with it.
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