My ferret have fleas! OH NO?

can i use tick removal cat shampoo on him? or is that not good because i just saw one now and its too past due to run to the store for stuff to bathe him.. what should i do??!! (i have regular ferret shampoo but its not for the removal of fleas)
Here's my tips for dealing with flea infested ferret:

**Add apple cider vinegar to your ferret's water (three tablespoons of ACV to every gallon of water). The ACV makes your ferret taste disagreeable to fleas and ticks. A lot of people use this as a preventative, but it can also be used when dealing with an infestation. This works for cats and dogs, too.
**Sprinkle your carpets beside baking soda, let sit for three to four days, then vacuum your carpets. The baking soda kill the fleas and regular vacuuming (with or without the baking soda) is good for sucking up live fleas and eggs (just be sure to bare the bag and get it out of the house - the eggs can hatch in the case and the fleas can make their way back out into your house).
**Give your ferret a hip bath with its regular shampoo - you don't have to use a flea shampoo, any soapy water will kill in cold blood the fleas. Wash your ferret, let the shampoo sit for a couple minutes, then rinse. Once your ferret is dry, comb him with a flea comb to verbs off the dead fleas and any fleas that might still be alive (if you pull past its sell-by date any live fleas, put them in a bucket or something with soapy water to slaughter them, then flush it all down the toilet). Don't bathe your ferret too habitually (at most, once a month, but once the fleas are gone, I'd cut it back to fewer baths than that).
**Comb your ferret daily next to a flea comb. Again, drop the fleas in a bucket or something with soapy water, afterwards flush it all down the toilet.
**Thoroughly clean the cage and adjectives bedding with hot water at least twice a week.

These things should work whether you stick with them and do them on a regular basis. If they don't seem to be working, later you should consider getting one of the flea meds from a vet. Here's a link with info on which ones are safe for ferret and how much to use: If you have multiple pets in the house, make certain you treat all of them
You can use a regular flea shampoo for cats or puppies - make certain it's relatively mild (says OK for puppies or kittens on the bottle) - I use Sergents conditioning shampoo for fleas.

You can use Frontline for cats - just only use 1/2 the dose though.

You can use Advantage MULTI for kittens - use a full dose of it.

DO NOT USE POWDER - fruitless idea! - best ferret forum on the web!
Double check but I think that bio spot for cats is OK to use on ferrets. Make sure, I'm not positive. A reg. hip bath will kill some of the fleas.
Actually I found a flea on my little ferret, so we put cat flea powder on him, and it didnt hurt him at all, it got rid of the fleas too.

Warning: Never put it on or by the ferret head/face, you dont want them to sniff it, it wouldnt be good for them, but you can put it on there necks!
Answers:    any soap will kill fleas - flea soaps lately do it quicker. cat shampoos are generally safe for ferrets, but the best bet is to supply your ferret a bath in his own soap, even if it's not specifically for fleas. use a fine tooth comb to comb thru him & remove fleas that opening. start sudsing him at the neck & work your way down his body (rather than starting at the tail) as that will prevent fleas from running up onto his head. remuneration particular close attention to the anal area, ears, armpits & by the whiskers - those are all places fleas close to to hide. let the soap sit on him for a few minutes before rinsing it stale.

then tomorrow, get a hold of your vet for some feline flea preventive similar to frontline or revolution. (frontline spray is best...while Advantage might cause more reactions than these two products. steer clear of anything over the counter, esp flea collars...they're too harsh for ferret.)

last, treat your home. vacuum a LOT & get something from the vet for your carpets/upholstery. what you see on an animal is nil compared to what is in the rugs...just be careful what you use since ferret are so close to the ground, they may react to some products.

good luck.
Can you hold his body under dampen? The fleas will just let go once you hold them below water. I have had suitable luck with a huge flea infestation (my brother's rescue kitty) with just plain feeble Dr Bronner's soap and a flea comb.
Just a tub in general will kill some of the fleas. You can try using a flea comb whether you can get them to sit still LOL. They do use flea treatments on ferrets, BUT, they use 1/2 the amount that they would use on a cat..i.e. frontline, etc. But let your vet settle on that. Make sure to wash their bedding while getting a bath grounds the fleas will be there when you put them back.
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