My hamster sleeps ALL the time?

when he goes into the ball he just go in a corner and sleeps. when i let him run around in my room (under my supervision) he go in a corner and sleeps. When i let him run around in a closed sour bathroom, he goes in the corner and sleeps. The worst part is - He doesnt know how to run contained by a wheel!! weve boughted 2 cages for him, the first wheel he slept contained by, the second one he just ignores. i dont know how to attain the energy out of him except letting him escape (which is NOT a good idea). what should i do?
Oh My GOSH!! That is soooo cute. Please let me have your hamster! Umm...what i would do is newly wake him up every time he goes to bed. You should get him a feminine! He needs a girlfriend! His life will be more exiting! and plus you could have babby hamsters!
hmm, all hamsters sleep during the year, they are very active at night, and I don`t know you are asleep while it runs in its wheel, at bedtime, try to mark a spot on the pedals with sharpie and look at it in the morning to see if the spot is in a different spot, if it is, then your hamster is more live than you think =]
Answers:    Haha, my cousins hamster does the exact same item. I would suggest getting a small critter play pen (you can find them at pet stores) or make one out of a medium sized plastic tote box. Another process to get him active would be to take a slice of carrot or other hamster treat and hold it within front of his little nose and let him follow it. It works for mine, they love food!
Maybe he's depressed... lol I don't really know but my dog does alike thing unless I take her for a walk but she's getting weak too. I agree maybe find him a mate although I know where that would lead but perhaps you could sell the babies.
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