My house rabbit keep biting and scratch my leg?

If I'm standing up or sitting on a chair my rabbit often grabs my leg or foot and clawing/scratching at me and bites (often beside a mark left even when wearing jeans if he bites me). He's 15 months old-fashioned now. Also although he was litter trained he has just this minute been peeing elsewhere in his cage every so commonly but then it stops and he's fine for ages. I wonder if this is age related due to him reaching puberty? What should I do? I let him run around my flat most of the time and he'll regularly try climb up my leg when I'm busy trying to do stuff which is awkward as I don't want him to get hurt. He's my first rabbit so I don't know what normal lifestyle is for a rabbit.
Get him neutered, consequently all that behavior will stop. It will also make him live a longer, healthier and happier time :)
Have your rabbit spayed and neuter. Rabbits that are spayed and neutered are calmer, more loving, and dependable once the undeniable urge to mate have been removed.

Check this link for more info
have you had him done? whether not then you can guess why he's so interested in your leg. get him castrated in a minute or just wait a little longer til the spraying begin. Seriously- they're never as cuddly after the first time they hump you to completion. also after the operation he'll be groggy for a bit but then perk right up. when you feel he's recovered it's time to move him outside or the peeing nouns will grow and grow until it covers most of your house. rabbits are happier in the outdoors with a run than you can make them indoors, no concern how much tv they watch, they will always be happier in a clearly defined nouns that is 'theirs' than sharing your space and constantly trying to take it over.

Maybe the rabbit Don't like u...I mean they miss their old owner...
Or u try to bring your rabbit to park..and let's the rabbit walk on the park..maybe it is boring and stress,..
I would propose you have him fixed that could calm him down.
He's trying it on beside u, seriously, my rabbit used to do this but then humped my feet. He needs a hump toy.
Answers:    If he's a male, getting him fixed will be the only way to stop him from anyone aggressive. Male rabbits reach puberty at 6-12 months. At 15 months, he is old enough to be fixed, and it should be done beforehand he is 2 years old.
Check this link out. TONS of good information for you.
skinning, gutting and then slow cooked beside vegtables will taste great
lol my rabbit is an outdoor rabbit he has turned 6 months n i touched near my feet he bited me n tried humping my leg lol his tail was goin up n down lol hes a strange rabbit good luck x
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