My rabbit does not sleep?

he does not close his eyes, he lays down, but he never puts his ears/head down and just.. goes to sleep..

it is so weird.

why doesn't he sleep?

he doesn't sleep at night either. i have stayed up and watched him multiple times.. i am not even kidding you.
This is a common misconception. First of all, don't be worried about your bun, there is nothing wrong. Rabbits often sleep with their eyes open and most likely will now fall asleep with a human present. Also, rabbit do not exclusively sleep in the daytime or at night. Sleep a little, play a little, sleep a little, play a little more... here is some general rabbit care info just in case you have any question later on...

Red wood very harmful! *If it's going to be an outdoor rabbit then have the cage be about 2 feet (the minimum) so snakes of any other harmful animal will not get in *also if an outdoor rabbit then don't have chicken wire because animals could get in easily. *Don't give them baths, they're like cats they clean themselves * When trimming nails look closely for the blood line (it's very easy to see) don't want to cut it. (hint: I think it's easier when you have 1 person to help you when trimming nails because 1 person can hold the bunny then the other person can trim the nails *You can let your rabbit go outside but temperatures over 85F can be harmful and I’m so sorry I forgot the minimum I think it's 71F. also getting a harness (like what some dog's use) is a good choice if you want to walk your bunny *You should get a flea comb (works best) to comb your rabbit’s fur, I suggest combing about every other week *Get some wooden toys (can get them at any pets store basically) the wood will help keep their teeth keep at the regular length *Feed your rabbit pellets *Every once and a while you can give them SMALL bit of banana or strawberry because those things are very high in sugar so it could make your rabbit sick if you get him/her sick *Veggies are great for rabbits when your rabbit is under the age of 5 months he/she can have a maximum of ¼ of a carrot when your rabbit he can have a maximum of ½ a carrot *When you pick them up it’s OK to pick them up my their back fur (that’s how their mother’s do it) *Rabbit can live up to about 8 years *When traveling keep the windows up because rabbits are very sensitive to car exhaust *The cages should be big enough that your rabbit can hop around *Rabbits make a grunting noise when they’re trying to say leave me alone please *When your rabbit thumps that means danger *Rabbit’s rub their chin against stuff when they’re marking their territory *When your rabbit licks/kisses you that mean he/she loves you *If your rabbit is kept indoors then don't keep it near a window, heater or AC *When ever your rabbit is out watch him/her closly
Rabbits usually sleep during the day from about 12 onwards... They usually stay up at night as they want to know what is going on and to be sure there is going to harm them. They usually sleep a little.. then play a little then sleep a little etc.. Though your rabbit might not be falling asleep if she/he knows you are watching him its an insecurity thing. Rabbits are very insecure and are always aware of whats going on around them. Hope that helped.
if the rabbit doesn't sleep, it will die. Maybe it has fatal familial insomnia, the kind for rabbits. Sucks, I hate not being able to sleep if that happens to me.
maybe he doesnt sleep because your watching him and it might make him nervous.
try this
at night put like a camcorder next to his cage and then when you wake up you can see if he's sleeping.If not take him to the vet.

Answers:    Rabbits may sleep with their eyes open.That's why it can be very hard to distinguish if a rabbit is actually asleep or not.This is to fend of predators who are trying to ambush them.They look like they're awake but in reality,they are asleep.
rabbits can sleep with their eyes open. i know creepy right? but he obviosly wont sleep when you are there. also they dont need as much sleep as humans, so you may rarely catch him/her sleeping.
Your rabbit might have a problem. But most likely your rabbit just sleeps when you are not looking. I have a rabbit. When you leave the house maybe it sleeps, i think rabbits have problems with sleeping when their is noise or attention being drawn to them. If you are really concerned ask your local veterinarian.
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