My rabbit have crusty eyes?

what should I do to get the crustiness off? he is a mini rex, about 6 months aged, and outdoor. What would it be from? is it serious? can get pics if needed.
wipe them with a moist cloth and then take your bunny to the vet for a check up :]
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"...yes, it's probable that if he's getting crusty, goopy matter that the eye is probably infected. It does need to be address as it is unlikely to go away on its own and the infection can easily spread to the ears or nasal passage, causing a more deeply rooted problem.

However, it's not a good view to just treat it with a random antibiotic for the eye. The best mode to treat would be to have a culture and sensitivity test to determine which bacterium is causing the infection and what it is sensitive to. A apt rabbit vet would take a sample of the matter from the eye and hold the test run. This takes a couple of days for the culture to grow, so the vet may or may not put the rabbit on a likely antibiotic eyedrop or eye emolument before the culture comes back. A vet visit is also a dutiful idea so he or she can check your rabbits ears with a professional otoscope to see whether the infection is starting to spread there so it can be caught rash. Ear infections can cause very serious complications.

I hope you already have a perfect veterinarian for your rabbit. If you have not taken your bunny to the vet before, please try to find one who is experienced with rabbits. Many vet who are very good with dogs and cats are not up to date about rabbits, especially the latest information. The page have suggestions on how to find
one. There is a list of some vets at and another organization's list at

You can also contact a close House Rabbit Society chapter or other rabbit group for suggestions on good local vets. HRS has a page encyclopaedia contacts for their own chapters. If there is not one near you, you can look for a within reach independent group using the HRS contacts page "

It is not normal,I can tell you that.It needs medical treatment forthwith.
Answers:    Hi...I've been raise and showing rabbits for 10 years. If it is just a little crustiness, it's probably nothing. Just wipe it past its sell-by date and keep an eye on him. If there is a consistent discharge from the eye, one sign is matted fur under the eye later it could be Weepy Eye. Sometimes it is caused by simple irritation and you can treat it with a couple drops of regular visine. If symptoms don't improve or worsen surrounded by a few days or if he's been sneezing and there have been a consistent discharge from his nose (you can tell by checking the inside of his front legs, whether they are matted or discolored it means he has been trying to wipe absent discharge) then you might want to contact a vet that specializes in exotics because it could be a blocked duct or a sign of snuffles. Snuffles can be kept under control next to antibiotics but is not curable and symptoms are known to return sometimes, such as times of stress and is very contagious to other rabbits so he must be kept absent from all other rabbits. But like I said, most likely it's nought and I've just included the other information as a precaution. Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me beside any other questions you may have.
Pix would be great! I'm sure it's nought though, It usually happens during sleep. It's happens to a great deal of pets, like it happens to humans.
Mini rex's are sweet i had one! first of all bring him into a warmer envoirment slowly or he'll turn into shock and wipe his eyes with a warm damp clean rag, and keep him inside till his eyes dry. then purloin him back out slowly. make sure it's not super reheat place you take him but definatly not out in the cold!
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