My Rabbit Isn't Hopping Correctly?

My rabbit Nosferata (Nos) is a year and a half old. She lives in my bedroom and with the sole purpose uses her cage as a litter box. So she is free to roam and gets plenty of exercise. Lately though, I have notice that she has been walking. And by walking I mean using her backbone legs in a stride motion rather than hopping. Today it seems that she is have difficulty jumping into her cage. I just want to sort sure she's okay.

Thanks for any help :)
Check her back legs whether she was injured - check for any cuts, missing nails or irregularities within the shape of her back legs. If you can't see any scratches, cuts, or lost nails after you should take her to the vet to get checked out: she could have fractured a bone or something.
How long has this be going on? If more than a few days I would go to the vet. He might have pulled something which should clear on it's own, but he could also have a broken bone, or even tie pain. My rabbit ended up limping for about 3 days because he stompped his foot to tricky. I was going to give him one more daylight before we went to the vet. Have you checked for any signs of injury? Have you felt her body and legs to see whether she is in any pain?
Answers:    My rabbit sometimes "walks" instead of hopping, but the difficulty jumping into her coop is alarming. She needs to get checked out by a good vet experienced beside rabbits. has a lot of rabbit health info and a catalogue of vets with reviews.
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