My rabbit stinks, any relieve?

So I have a female rabbit (she's about 4) who isn't spayed and lately, when I pick her up, her stomach smells like her pee but she doesn't have pee on her. I keep up near her cage, it does get stinky but she never gets her pee or poo on her. Can the smell occupy into her fur? She's not sick, she gets a plate of veggies a day (endive) and she has fixed hay. I don't want to take her to the vet because she's so afraid every time I do. Any suggestions, should I bath her? I heard infant wipes but I don't want that to make her sick. Help?
Yes the urine sinks into her fur
its a rabbit not a a nouns freshener its not going to spell like "rose petals"try to get some bunny perfume like dogs hold some pet stores have it
i wasnt being sarcastic lately saying that maybe she could gotten into something that made her urine stink
Answers:    your rabbit is getting older immediately and might not be washing itself as regularly. I would give her regular brushes to keep her fur hygienic as this will help to keep some of the smell off. Its ok to rinse out under her tummy using warm water but build sure you dry her. Clean the cage with pet disinfectant regularly too. I would try to verbs her cage more regularly too - twice a week might make a difference. hope this helps :)
Does your cage own a wire floor or a solid floor? If you have a wire floor, next the pee should never touch her belly. Rabbits pee diagonally backwards, so the stream of urine would never come forward towards her belly.

Do you have a solid floor on the shut within? Perhaps she's peeing in the corner (or box, whatever) and then laying surrounded by it.

If you have a wire floor, the only entry I can think of is that she is not feeling well and is lay down and peeing on herself. Does she act OK?

yes, you can use baby wipes on her. Or even a showery washcloth and scrub her belly to get her clean. She shouldn't be smelly, and her stomach certainly shouldn't have pee on it.

Hopefully she's feeling OK and freshly being lazy about her hygiene conduct.
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