My rabbit wont drink! HELP?

I just bought a 8 week old holland lop rabbit from a breeder and he wont drink water out of a bottle. i own tried putting the water on his lips and touching the little ball entity. pls help! How can i get him to drink?
Why dont you ring up or conact the breeder, and ask how the water was given to the rabbit? Or you can try a few different technices
I don`t know it is used to drinking from a bowl, some rabbits do! but i would probably take it to the vets as it may be a sign that it is ill, hope its ok though!!
Answers:    If the rabbit is used to drinking from a crock and not a bottle you will have to school it to drink from the bottle. What I do with non bottle users is give them a crock with hose down in it but set it right under the bottle. Eventually they will try the bottle and then they will use it adjectives the time. But make sure they have a crock until they start using the bottle
my rabbit never drinks much as long as it gets its greens dont verbs just make sure its in that though
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