One of my bunny's nail is turning black?

So I just noticed today (I basically thought it was his black fur before, but I found out it isn't his fur) that my bunny, on his right back paw he have one nail black. All the other nails are clear/white-ish and showing the redness for the swift. But I saw that one nail is almost completely black instead of clear/white-ish.

Have you come across this before? Should I thieve him to the Vet? Or is this nothing to worry about? I really don't own the money for a really expensive Vet visit (aka anything over $15), so I would like to know if the Vet is the just person would know. Because if someone on here could help me, that would be great.

i dont think its anything to worry about my doggie since a puppies have two middle finger white nails the rest are black lol ;)

it her growing birth mark!
it's normal.It could be a part of puberty.This is a sign of strong nail.No need for veterinary advise.

But if its worrying you,permit your rabbit loose on a garden with soft soil.Let it dig around.If the nails go and get damaged,then it need medical treatment.If it is still surrounded by good looks,then you need not to verbs.
Answers:    The same item happened to my rabbit and i took him to the vet and they said it was completely normal that some of his nail would be black and some would be clear or white. So dont worry! He will be fine
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