Rabbits teeth file?

Do I have to get it down monthly? cause my bunnys teeth and to long and I enjoy to go get them filed and its alot of money.
That really depends on the rabitt. But probably not, it's rare. The House rabbit society can help plentifully with questions on pets, they do need something to chew, and other give pellets as this will help. It is a pretty simple odd job to trim it's teeth yourself. Side cutter pliers are often used for this and do a very good livelihood. the Rabbit can't feel a thing and you really can not mess them up unless the are not cut straight across.
There are some irresponsible breeders out there who breed rabbit next to genetic problems like their teeth growin too fast. Or if a rabbit breaks its teeth on a line (or for any other reason breaks it) it will grow too fast for it to wear down naturally.

In this luggage if the rabbit doesn't get its teeth clipped it will starve and die. You have to certain that your rabbit has this problem though.

Hold your rabbit upside down (with help if possible), and afterwards open its mouth and with clippers (could be human nail clippers) clip its teeth as short/long as it wants to be for the rabbit to eat comfortably. When you know its the right size make sure that the teeth are straight.

***NEVER EVER EVER clip a rabbit's teeth whether it doesn't have a genetic problem or some other reason for it to grow excessively fast or you will forever ruin your rabbit's teeth.

-You will obligation to clip your rabbit's teeth for the rest of his/her life.
Answers:    It depends on your rabbit and the rate of growth. Many rabbits, next to properly aligned teeth and appropriate chew items and food, never need their teeth filed. Some need it every month or two, some twice a year, some once a year. Depends on the rabbit. Talk to your vet more or less how frequently it will need to be done in your case and what you can provide to chew at domestic to help keep the teeth to an appropriate length.
If your rabbit has a conventional bite it will not require filing.
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