Salt Wheels (for a rabbit): Necessary or not?

Some people have told me that the salt wheel are important for rabbits. Yet I have also read other places that they are not. So I'm hoping that breeders and experienced rabbit owners can tell me what you surmise. Are they needed for a nutritional purpose or some other purpose I'm unaware of or not? I have one for my li'l bunny boy but he never uses it anyhow.
They are unnecessary. The pellets should be giving them the proper amount of sodium that they need.
Mine would never eat\ lick them. They would just sit in their cages. Mine 10 rabbits are fine short them. I just give them fruits and veggies sometimes and I give them their pellet too. I really do think that this is a waste of money. Just to let you know I wouldn't bring back bunny treats hardly either. They will eat your potatoe peelings and everything approaching that. They will eat the outside of the lettuce head that otherwise you would own to throw out. For the store bought treats some of my rabbits liked them. I had a male rabbit name tubby and he loved those trears that are long with seeds or whatever, but I tried it on another rabbit and no it didn't work for him. Hope I help!
Answers:    No salt blocks aren't needed AT ALL. In reality if a rabbit does lick it,it may give an over dose of salt(Sodium). I am against these.

So these are NOT necessary to supply. As long as the rabbits Mix/Pellets are of good quality then he will bring enough Vitamins & Minerals that are needed.
So theres nothing to be unaware of! =)

Hope this help,xxx
If you are using a pellet feed later you do not need the added sodium. The pellets have plenty of sodium surrounded by them. The salt spool will make a nice rust spot on your cage though :)
Salt licks are unnecessary. They will get all the sodium they call for from their pellets. Many pet shops will continue to push these just to kind sales but in all honesty, these one and only make your rabbit more thirsty for nothing. None of mine have ever have them and they were all fine. =)
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