Ticks/Fleas on rabbits? HELP?

How do i know if my bunny has fleas or has a tick?
and what whether i realize it has a tick, and im too late, its all the style under the skin?
How do i prevent it from ticks/fleas, any treatment?
please help, i want my baby to be nourishing:)

try these web sites:


You clutch the rabbit to the vet for a check and let him take care of the problem next to fleas and ticks. You can't use the same treatment that you would use on dogs and cats. If it is scratching a lot, it could enjoy a skin disease but if it is a female and is pulling hair sour its body, it is making a nest. Could it be pregnant or in heat? You have to look at adjectives the aspects to determine the problem. I doubt that a tick has gone under the skin because they fall past its sell-by date when they are full of blood.
Answers:    Rabbits can get ticks and fleas so it is important to prevent this by happening by applying an anti-parasite treatment on the bunny past letting it go outside.

A tick will burry it's head into the rabbit's skin and thus only it's body will be sticking out. To see if you bunny has any ticks, you'll requirement to gently search with your hand. If you find any, you can remove it by grabbing it (with tweezers) from the area closest to the skin and pull but I do not recommend it in need being shown by a vet. Doing it wrong could result in the tick releasing more of it's saliva and risking infection, diseases, etc. Remember, these can be spread to humans.

As for fleas, a rabbit scratching excessively is the first sign. You can grasp a sheet of white paper, fluff up your bunnies fur over it. Use a spray bottle and drag your finger along the sheet where there is residue. Traces of blood shows fleas. However, any excessive scratch should be looked into.

Whatever you do, NEVER use Frontline on a rabbit! Your vet will most likely prescribe Revolution =)

For More Questions about your rabbit, feel free to Google REAL Rabbits.
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