What are signs that my womanly sugar glider is pregnant?

I bought two sugar glider's about a couple months ago.
I've realized that my female sugar glider have put on, ALOT of weight. She has two bumps on her belly, is this purely fat? We have no clue. She's been running on her helm, wouldn't she NOT be doing that if she WAS pregnant? Please answer.
Answers:    Hi Uberta... rather than simply the answer I will copy/paste what Dr. Karen Rosenthal answered regarding sugar glider pregnancy:


Q: What are the signs that a sugar glider is pregnant?

A: That is drastically difficult to answer. And there are really two parts to your question. Sugar gliders are pregnant for a particularly short time compared to other mammals. The “joey” is born at a very young stage of development and continues nouns in the mother’s pouch. Some people will say a joey within the pouch is the same as a sugar glider being pregnant. Technically, that is not true. So, the solitary way to know is to wait to see if within is a “bulge” or two bulges in the pouch. It is not recommended that you disturb the mom to look to see if near is a joey in the pouch.

If you believe your sugar glider is pregnant, make sure you adjust the diet for the greatly increased calcium requests of your sugar glider. Many female sugar gliders become very sick during and after pregnancy because calcium is not properly supplemented.
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