What can i do to preserve my ferret joyous and entertain?

Hi i have two female ferrets (agness & nibbles) i bring them out for about an hour and a bit everyday and they run around my room, they can go anywhere as it is all past the worst and quite a big area, but i dont want them to get bored doing alike thing everyday. They have cat balls and a cardboard tunnel but they dont play near them they just run around climbing in my draws and things.
Is there any games or toys that i can play next to my ferrets to keep them happy?
any variety shift things?
Please Help x
build tunnels and "condos" from sturdy cardboard boxes. ask your grocer for egg boxes. capture an exacto knife and a glue gun. have fun!
They need more than an hour, I'm afraid. It should be more approaching four. If they climb in your drawers I suggest you have a righteous ferret proof. My ferrets are crazy for plastic and paper bags, they love the crinkling pandemonium, make sure you watch them and they dont devour any of it. Scratching posts might go down well, especially the climbing frame type...lowish though ferret are good fallers. My ferrets are mad on bell cat toys that you can play near them with.they grab on and play tug of war. Try dragging a massive towel along the floor and letting them hop on and off, that drives mine crazy. And letting them swim in a tub of water or verbs in a box of sterile soil or balled up paper (NOT sand) will probably go down all right.
hi okay i dont have one but i know they like wide tubes boxes and cat toysand plastic ball with a noise inside like a bell is moral heavy ropes these are good cause they are suitable escapers so always change here toys aswell every so often hope that help

thanx your my first person who i have answered for bye hopee that helpss bye
well it sounds to me like they r have fun just running around have u tried pulling a blanket for them to chase or a sock they love paper lots, shoes, slippers, sitting on the floor with them and letting them jump on u,hanging the cat toys so they can lunge for them, a box with packing balls in it, a duo of pants that they can go in and out of, (just put the pant on the floor) that's some ideas u could try hope it helps good luck
Answers:    You save large pickle jars, and tolerate them crawl in and out of it; you can let them dig around surrounded by hayboxes (even soil and sand, but hay is easier to clean up, after). If you have boxes of different sizes, put one or two smaller ones (with a hole cut within the side of each box) and stick them in the larger one, along with a few toys. Seal up the larger box (except for an enter/exit hole) and agree to the ferrets explore it. Fill a soda bottle with some beads or beans and put the boater back on and let them roll it around. Or, put one or two treats in it and consent to the ferts figure out how to get them back out. Throw a few ferret protected items that you find around the house into your room, and let the fuzzbutts pick and choose which to stash :)
Ball up newspaper/tissue/gift paper and throw them in the atmosphere or towards the fuzzbutts; give them towel rides. If you have any plastic easter eggs, you can dab different scent (olive oil, ferret-tone, liquid smoke, even deer scent on the inside, close them up, and let your ferts explore them Look around for hoary toys (baby ones work best); as long as they don't have any dangling/soft rubber/soft plastic/easily detached small pieces then they are flawless for the ferts, plus it's recycling :)
If you get a selection, after every few days rotate toys. This way, the furkids are less likely to find bored.

Hope this helps and good luck
My GF has some ferret and thats all she does (what you do) and they seem fine.As far as makeshift goes,I know they resembling tunnels,so here's an idea.Rolls of carpet come rolled on a 12ft long cardboard tube,you can probably go to any hearth rug store and get some of these for free.We throw them away at ours.You can cut them up and put them together in different ways resembling a maze.Good luck.
Ferrets are very smart and always need spanking new forms of stimulation. if you get them new toys they will other have fun. also, they will have more fun if you play next to them. Mine loooooove tug of war with anything that you can play it with. Weasel (the manly ferret) love anything that make a jingling noise, and goes nuts whether you run a stick on the carpet and get him to chase it. If you play with them adequate, they shouldn't get bored.
Huge tunnels and sometimes cat toys. My lot love playing near cat toys (the dangly ones). And also outside in a run is always nice for a while. Good luck
make them fight eachother, worked beside my dog and my hamster...
Have sex near them every day :)

i had a friend once, who used to put ferrets down his trousers!!,yes,Absolutely true,i'm not certain whether this was, to amuse them,or in some perverse way,himself!!
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