What is smarter, a cat or a rabbit?

They are both differently smart. Rabbits use their brains to avoid being caught and eat, while cats direct their intelligence towards catching and eating things. That doesn't make one any smarter than the other...
Answers:    Each is smart in their own way. Each has talent specific to them.
Rabbits are prey animals, they have excellent hearing and vision. They know how to stow to avoid being caught.
Cats are good hunters. They have the skills and senses, to pick up prey by smell and nouns.
Dogs are "pack smart" which is something cats and rabbits do not understand.
None is smarter or less smart than another.
A cat is obvious. I mean, do you ever see a rabbit catch a cat as it's prey?
A cat defiantly! they are really smart when it comes to escaping or getting out of a sticky situation. unlike the rabbit. who adjectives it does is run.
oh rabbit
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