What litter can i use for a ferret?

there is so much choices i have no clue.im getting a ferret pretty soon and im just wondering which litter is best for a ferret.i know that cat litter is not right because it could cause problems because it clumps.im going to buy the ferret at petco so any litter that they sell at petco that you could tell me.please report to me what is the brand or give me a picture.
please tell me what is a good ferret food too.
no cat food please.
The best choice for litter is wood pellets. You can go beside name brands like Yesterdays News and Feline Pine, or opt for the cheaper alternative of woodstove pellets.
I'm curious as to why you read out no cat food? A lot of high quality cat foods are equal to or better than most ferret foods out there. You are simply human being charged more for a picture of a ferret on the bag, lol. It's not the label that is significant it is the list of ingredients and guaranteed analysis!

Ferrets are obligate carnivores so anything but meat should only be rarely offered as a treat. All vegetables, grain, and fruits go right through them and some have too much sugar to be safe. Honestly, your best choice is never offering anything but meat base foods, with the occasional raisin thrown in (only if your ferret is not suffering from insulinoma).

Your ferret will hold much less of a smell (both body odor and poop) if you are feeding high-ranking quality foods with little to no fish in them. Marshalls food is hideous and will make a ferret stink. Also, ferrets have to chomp through a lot more of a poor quality food in lay down to get what they need. So they actually will munch through less of a higher quality food. You do NOT squirrel away money by opting for a lower quality brand.

Always have food available to your ferret along next to fresh water!! Kibble fed ferrets put away small meals all throughout the day and hours of darkness. And they will drink more water from bowls rather than bottles. They aren’t hamsters after all! But you should still donate them the choice of both a bowl and a bottle.

Food needs to contain at least 32% protein from animals (NOT plant) and 18% fat. Low fiber is desirable. Things to avoid: Most fish make them stink more so make sure it is low in the ingredient enumerate. Corn is a cheap filler food and goes right on through them. Animal by-products are absolutely disgusting and are things that are not fit for human consumption (beaks, feet, feathers, intestines, etc…). Grain should also be strongly avoided.

Recommended brands include Innova EVO (feline or ferret), Origin slinky, Wellness CORE feline (now sold at Petco), and Ziwipeak. Again, these foods work out to either the same cost or cheaper than lower level foods. Your ferret will eat less and be healthier on the better brands.

Another VERY esteemed part of your ferret’s diet is “duck soup”. It’s a high protein soupy mixture that is critical for when your ferret is attitude under the weather. Plus it’s a wonderful treat. Here is some more info on its importance along with a recipe for it: http://www.ferretfacts.com/k1dusoreimof. .
Woodbased litter is good, it dissolves when wet so if they swallow it it dissolves and wont inflict problems.

Paper litter is also popular.

Some people use agricultural chick crumb (baby chicken food), cheap for massive bags of the stuff and apparently not harmful whether swallowed.

If your ferret is a litter eater/snorkeler sometimes plain newspaper is best.

Pleasse consider getting two ferrets, one will get lonely even beside lots of attention.

The best ferret diet is bones and raw food, but from what I've heard Totally Ferret is the best ferret diet in the US. I'm surrounded by the Uk and feed vitalin.
nearby is a thing i use for my two ferrets and its called Carefresh pet bedding and it works really suitable and it makes their cage odor free not the whole shut within but where i put the litter. Plus on th bag it says it ending 2x longer than shavings and absorbs 3x its weight. lol
ferret food: the best ferret food is the food that they nurture your ferret that you are going to get because then you don't have to struggle.
Litter: ask a petco member of staff about litter ask them which one is best for your ferret. don't be cheap and buy the cheapest litter they have because something may go wrong and you may not be man so cheap after all, also look around on the internet and search which brands are best. get ferret for dummies and she have some very good litter choices.
hope this helps
Answers:    Wood stove pellet are a big thing with some ferret owners - they're cheap and, from what I hear, really good at controlling odor. You own to look for a certain kind though. They should be made from hardwoods (to make certain there is no cedar or other softwoods that contain acids or phenols) only and you should check to make certain there are no animal warnings on the bag. Some pellet are labeled "Not for animal use" - these products contain chemicals and binders which would not be safe to use around your ferret. You wouldn't find these at Petco though, you'd have to check at home growth store for these pellets.

There's also newspaper pellets, Yesterday's News person the most popular. I'm sure Petco sells YN. They make several different types of YN - one for ferret, rabbits, small pets, and cats - they're all the same, but the cat one is the cheapest, just sort sure you get the unscented kind. I use ExquisiCat (from Petsmart, I'm not certain if Petco has it or now) which is the same entity as YN, just a little bit cheaper.

Some people use Feline Pine. ExquisiCat also have their own version of FP at Petsmart and, again, is a little bit cheaper than FP.

Or, you could just use shredded up weekly or other recycled paper. You have to be careful though, some ferret have a thing for eating serious newspaper in which case it wouldn't be a good perception to use shredded paper. This is probably your cheapest route, but it isn't very good for odor control. I conjecture you'll be better off using some type of pellet.

EDIT: I forgot to mention foods - I feed mine ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisines and EVO (ferret or feline version). The best ferret foods on the open market would be EVO and Wysong Ferret Archetype 1. Some other popular choices that are a bit cheaper than the two I mentioned - Zupreem and Totally Ferret. I'm not a fan of Marshalls food, but if you're getting a ferret from Petco chances are they will be selling Marshall ferret, so you should get some Marshalls food (diet changes should be gradual to avoid digestive upset - whether you like the food the ferret is currently individual fed or not, you should have some of that food on hand to use during the food switch). I know you said no cat foods, but I agree beside Em, there's a lot of really good cat foods on the market that would be great for ferret. ZiwiPeak is better than any of the above ferret foods I mentioned and the EVO feline food is almost exactly matching as the ferret version. Some other cat foods that I like - Nature's Variety Instinct, Wellness CORE (a bit fishy, but a good food), and Wysong Feline/Canine Archtype diet. You might also want to scour online for some freeze-dried foods/treats - look for Stella & Chewy's, AFS (Animal Food Services), and PoGOs. Most of those are labeled for cats and/or dogs, but are also great for ferrets. They're just real meat that have been freeze-dried. Some also contain ground bone and/or organs - all exceedingly beneficial to your ferret. Nature's Variety also makes some frozen raw foods that are really virtuous.
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