What products do i use to afford my ferret a hip bath?

What products do i use when giving my ferret a bath? Do they have ferret shampoos?
Yes, they make ferret shampoo - don't use anything else, especially Dawn (contains an ingredient that's injurious to animals). But, you don't need to bathe ferrets, they will groom themselves. Bathing strips the oil from their skin, makes them dry and itchy, and the oil glands start overproducing.This will make them smell more. If they approaching to play in water, put a bowl in the tub for them to splash around in. My Little Boy ferret can jump in and out of the hip bath by himself, so I try to keep a bowl of water that he can splash around in.
They have ferret shampoo, that not with the sole purpose is soft enough for their sensitive skin, but helps take out the stink. Dont go in swimming a ferret too often though, because they tend to stink worse after a bath because their skin works overtime to rebuild the grease you washed off. Bath time should be more about playing than un-stinking. If you're trying to construct them stink less, wash their bedding (blankets, hammocks, anywhere they leave their stink) and spritz them next to a pet cologne. It soaks into the pores in their skin, so they emit the cologne instead of their stink for a few days. It's kinda nice :) As an alternative, use a baby shampoo. Dish soap is expected to strip the dishes of grease and grime (also in their comercials), hand soaps will dry their skin, and human shampoo is rough and if it get into thier eyes it stings. They do not need a conditioner.
Ferret shampoo is obviously a good choice.
I go swimming four ferrets at a time and I use diluted baby shampoo. Make sure your rinse really powerfully to avoid the itchies.
Do not bathe them any more often than once every 1 or two months. I actually used to go for a dip mine once or twice a year, but mine seem to getting "rat tail" more often. I'm not sure whether there's a connection between aging ferrets,the frequency of bathing and the development of "rat tail", but I do go swimming them 4 times a year now and we have no more "rat tails".
Pet stores label ferret shampoos, but honestly, I think they're just overpriced garbage...Personally, I use a bottle of any Mane and Tail or a bottle of cheap (like Suave) conditioning shampoo. (A 2 in 1) I have 3 ferrets and own been bathing them with 2 in 1 shampoos for years and they've never have skin issues and their coats are beautiful.
Wiley Coyote uses Acme Ferret Wash and Glistener
i use this organic stuff call bobbies gorgious dog. Its for cats and dogs too. i asked my vet what to use on them and she suggested it. its a bit pricey at small pet stores, but i found a HUGE thing of it and some other goodies for only $7 at petsmart. it works REALLY REALLY good and kill the fleas that my cats bring in from the yard. it also kills the fleas surrounded by their bed and in the cage. This wash is really gental on their skin and smells REALLY upright. i have had 7 ferrets so far and this is the best soap ive used on them. most of them certainly like it. i tried a couple other soaps on my albino girl, and she went crazy, but when i tried this stuff, she actually calmed down and in fact let me wash her. she has enormously delicate skin. you also dont have to use a lot of it, newly a small size of a quarter or so. depending on the size of your ferret. but give it a try, its really worth it.
ive had my 10oz bottle for over a year and i have 4 ferret that get a bath 2x a month, and it's only approximately 2/3 gone!
Dawn dish soap is soft enough to be used on animals.
Dawn could possibly kill your animal! you should use child shampoo. Most on the market are overpriced. Vets will tell you baby shampoo. Do NOT bath them more than once every two months or you will destroy their oils and they will smell worse!
They do make ferret shampoo! There's a few different brands. Just go to Petco, or Petsmart, and it'll be right next to adjectives their ferret supplies (flea/ tick treatment, water drops, etc).

Be sure not to bathe him too normally, and try to avoid shampooing his head (avoid nose/eyes/ears/mouth). It dries out their skin and makes them itchy. Also, make certain you get all of the shampoo out, for the same common sense. Also, their ears tend to get pretty smelly, too. So, if you're going to bathe him, generate sure you get some earcleaner too!
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I would go to the vet and ask what they recommend. I unquestionably wouldn't use dawn detergent
Answers:    Yes, they make ferret shampoos. You can check your local pet shops or buy online here: http://www.ferret.com/grooming/shampoos-... Most little one shampoos are also ok. Some would disagree with that, which is their choice, but that's all I ever used to use on my ferrets and they never have any problems from it. I've recently stopped use shampoos altogether though and now I just use 100% colloquial colloidal oatmeal (Aveeno is what I get - you can find it in the bath/beauty aisle of just almost any store, even your local grocery store). It's a powder that you sprinkle in the water (one packet for one full tub; the less river you use, the less of the packet you need). The oatmeal is great - it helps relieve itchy skin, it makes their fur super soft, and it doesn't bother your ferret's skin approaching regular shampoos do. It's so gentle that you could actually bathe your ferret as recurrently as once a week with it - I would *never* suggest someone do that with shampoos, but the oatmeal doesn't dry out or irritate their skin similar to a shampoo would (and I'm not saying you *need* to do it weekly, they're good about keeping themselves verbs, but my ferrets have a problem with itchy skin during the winter, so it's nice have something that can be used that often if needed). All you do is fill the tub, sprinkle contained by the oatmeal, and let your ferret(s) soak for 10-15 minutes (I'll usually massage it into their body as well), consequently rinse with clean water, and dry. Your ferret won't come out smelling similar to "cucumber melon" or "tropical paradise," but it really does clean them and is so much better for them. If you decide to use a regular shampoo instead, try not to go swimming them more than once every 2-3 months at most (with regular shampoo, mine were getting one bath a year).
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