Why does my rabbit grunt?

my rabbit is a female and she keeps grunting at me and clawing me every time i go any where on earth near to her.
ugh! I own the same problem with my rabbit! This means that she desires to mate, but she feels that you aren't gonna satify her. My male bunny wont get absent from me! haha Good Luck
It's territorial aggression. She wants you out of 'her' territory. If she is not spayed, that will help, immensely, generally. Additional information, including training you can do with her to reduce the behavior can be found here: http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/aggre... You will likely not carry far unless you have her spayed, though. In addition, spaying doubles the lifespan of a female rabbit from 4-5 years to 8-10 years. 85% of womanly rabbits will die of reproductive cancers by the age of 5 if not spayed, so it is important from a condition perspective as well as a behavioral one.

Add: Does not in any way be a sign of she wants to mate. Circling and honking from a male is mating behavior. Lunging and grunting from a womanly is purely aggressive.

Add2: Rabbits go through heavy sheds about 3 times a year. It's common, and different indviduals will go through it at different rates. Some shed all at once in great clumps, some do it more slowly. She will not stop grunting unless you enjoy her spayed and them work with her on the aggression. Some rabbits are just more territorial than others- has to do near their level of dominance. It is not unusual for one to do it and one not to- they are individuals, just approaching people, with their own unique personality.
Answers:    well rabbits can be very grumpy and i own a rabbit when i go to pick her up she stamps her feet at me or when iv had her out 4 ages shes stamps her foot when i put her down, and recently shes been making a nest and gettin grumpy and biting when i try to go in the vicinity her like urs there going threw a female stage where on earth shes getting ready to have bunnys or sumthin like that bt shell most likly stop at sum point,, when shes over it. and when u pik her up its best not to pik her up by jst ur hand cz she might feel scared and not supported so u shud piick her up using ur arms to support her aswell as ur hands and jst hold her close into u so she feel safe that always works with my rabbit

virtuous luck x x
your rabbit is angry with something possable that she dont similar to humans near her my rabbit used to do the same but she also stamped her foot to. your rabbit may want to be left alone for a while.
You don't say how old the rabbit is and if she spayed. I have a rabbit who did the same thing at around 6 moths old when she become sexual mature after i had her spayed she went backbone to being her loving self again. I would recommend having her spayed. As for the moulting try grooming her.
shes peed off at you lol
she might be preggers?
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