Why does my rabbit hold tipping over/emptying her food bowl? Is she bored?

I often come home from work and find my rabbit has tipped over and empty her food bowl. Today within half an hour of filling it up again she did it again.

Is it a sign of boredom? I maintain her in the house and let her out and handle her everyday.

I don't reflect on it is because she does not like the food as its the same food she has other had and she always eats it.
Bunnies like to put their foot up on the bowl, and they inadvertently tip it over. Get a heavier bowl with a wider base.
Maybe he doesn't like his food and is looking for the correct stuff. Yeah, try a wider/heavier bowl. Or one that hooks on the side of the cage.


Your rabbit might be teasing YOU! If you keep picking it pay for up, maybe your bunny thinks it's amusing. Babies do it, so why not rabbits?
Answers:    Probably boredom. First get hold of a heavier bowl that isn't easily tipped. I use heavy-duty thick stoneware bowls for dogs. You say that she's consent to out... for how long? Rabbits should have 4-6 hours out-of-cage time every day. Less than that, she's probably bored, under-exercised, and in involve of mroe stimulation. Add more toys to her cage as well. Plain paper towel or toilet daily tubes, stuffed with hay, are usually a hit. Dried apple twigs, wooden chew items from the pet store, untreated willow baskets, and plastic baby key are usually a hit, as are anything with a bell in it that they can clear lots of noise playing with.
Have you checked the liquor cabnet? Your rabbit could be an alcoholic. That would explain why it celebrates New Year's Eve in March.
She nees some toys to play next to - yes they do get bored! They just enjoy tossing things. I use to contribute mine cardboard toilet paper tubes. Just make sure nearby is no glue on them. They toss them around then tear them to pieces. It's a outstandingly inexpensive way to keep them occupied for awhile.
A larger heavier bowl will facilitate. Or if she's in a cage receive a crock that has a bracket attached to the cage wall. The 'Lock-It' company makes nice ones contained by different sizes.
hahaha thats funnny, maybe your bunny is bored.

or depressed
Could be be she;s bored, or she's telling you something else. My rabbits will flip food bowls whether they would rather I watered them first. It's a manner of expresion and you need to amount out what she's trying to express.
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