Why does my rabbit squeak?

She keeps squeaking whenever I go to stroke her.
Please help!!
Sounds similar to what mine did. She was barking at me. I was making her cracked. My problem with my rabbit was not listening to anyone. I be told that I would at some point have to breed her or get her fixed. I didn't listen to anyone and she just turned into rather b**ch over night. Apparently rabbits (among other animals) have to be fixed or bred or they will turn very scrounging (just like a menopausal woman) and then my rabbit just died soon. She was only 3 so it was not from behind the times age. I have been told that it was the hormone overload and I enjoy also heard that the excess hormones can lead to an increase in incidence of ovarian cancer. Take your rabbit to be fixed.
Does she permit you stroke her? I have a bunny and he squeaks whenever i stroke him but you can tell it's because he likes it (kind of approaching purring for a cat i guess) but if she's not even letting you pet her it might be because she's afraid. When did you get her? Maybe she's not used to you however.

I would try to just sit with her for certain period of time in an area where there's not much room for her to wonder past its sell-by date, and just let her get to know you at her own time.
Hi at hand are many reasons why rabbits squeak
for female:
1. is it pregnant
2. have it experienced trauma
3. it sould be in heat
4. has it get food and water
the most common one is pregnancy but sometimes it my be hungry or needs a breeding partner or something have scared it like a dog or lots of people or loud music

This might minister to

Soft grinding of teeth: This means your bunny is happy. He/she will do this when you're petting him on his favourite spots; on his cheeks or brow or behind the ears.

Soft cooing: Another sound made by bunnies when they are happy and content.

Loud thumping beside back feet: Your bunny will do this when he is frightened. Sometimes he will thump to get attention or whether he's angry. He may also do this when he is really happy. You will just have to read what you consider his mood is.

Hissing or growling: It's not difficult to understand that bunnies do this when they feel threatened or concerned. When your bunny growls or hisses, it is likely that he is preparing to attack by scratch or biting. Leave him alone until he calms down.

Loud squealing: This means your bunny is in extreme agony or is very frightened. Never ignore this noise. Rabbits own been known to die of a heart attack when they are extremely frightened.

Honking: Your bunny might make a goose-like honk when it is annoyed or desires attention. If your bunny is not neutered they may make this when being amorous towards you or a soft toy.

Good Luck
Answers:    it could be from many amounts of reasons..from being scared to letting you know it enjoy the stroking..how long have you had her? does she do anything else in the process of the petting? hence: grunt,thump,turn her hindmost to you..these all resemble wording in body language, in that are some great sites out there with tons of info, i've put the basics on my own site... http://www.freewebs.com/celticbuns/index...
(theres forums also)
she might be afraid
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