Why does my sugar glider sleep so much?

My sugar glider is about 10 weeks OOP, and he seems to sleep a lottt. He has no condition issues, and is very playful and happy. But whenever I put him back contained by his cage, he scurries over to his pouch and goes to sleep. I generally fall asleep at like 12:30 AM, and at this time, he' still sleeping. I thought sugar gliders were supposed to wake up up around 7-9 PM? When I wake up, all his food is eaten, but once again, he's asleep. He have a wheel, and tons of toys. Is he bored? Is this normal?
they are super nocturnal and do well near a mate to be very active
sugar gliders are nocturnal animals! u have a nourishing perfectly normal baby nearby! how long have u had him? i think he wants to get used 2 ur presence..once he gets out of that ..hell interact with u more repeatedly ...they usually need 1-1.30 hrs every day human intaraction. whether hes locked in the cage while u stare frm outside dat wnt oblige... sugar gliders can b wonderful pets... so take him out on ur palm n intaract more... hell slowly bond with u n come out earlier instaed of sneaking n intake his food at night! good luck
Answers:    He's quite childish at 10 weeks OOP, and not only is he a nocturnal animal, but he's figuring out his sleep schedule. :) Give him time. You can try wake him up a bit earlier and playing with him around the same time every hours of darkness so that you get your bonding/playtime in. My own colony doesn't generally get up until 1:00-1:30 in the morning.

He'd really benefit from a cage mate. When you're sleeping, he's awake and by himself, probably very lonely. Sugar gliders are terrifically social and should be kept in pairs.

Good luck with him. :)
they are nocturnal
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