Baby corn snake - poohing ?

My bf got a baby corn snake two weeks ago - he's about 12 weeks older (the snake - not ma bf!) he has been fed every 4 days and hasn't be for a pooh yet, is this normal? I have experience next to an adult boa and know they don't pooh that much but am not sure about how recurrently the young one should be going? Can't find any info about this anywhere so hoped someone could help me!
First, you should merely be feeding once a week. You can cause a snake to become blocked from feeding to regularly. Second, a baby corn snakes pooh is so small you may not be seeing it. Snake poop is basically bones and hair. Pinkies don't hold much of either. I would not be to concerned with it unless you start to notice a bulge. If you are, you can other rub the underside with a very very small amount of pressure, surrounded by the direction of the digestive tract.
I work at a nature center as of 1 yr ago, I feed our 2yr old corn snake one white lab mouse (mouse have a 3 inch long body) every 2 weeks like clockwork. So, it poos about 3 or 4 days later. Corn snakes close to having lots of fresh water.

In the wild, they are accustomed to ingestion the whole litter in the barn within a span of a sunshine or two. If it is a baby snake, though, you should be feeding it 'pinkies' (tiny baby mice) which you can find at a petstore or find a local mouse breeder (ours on coastal MS is call Coast Mice 228-392-6055 delivers as far away as Florida so perhaps in recent times as far westward too, call & see. They are cost of about $100.00 per 100 adult mice, different price for pinkies)

Donna H.
Answers:    Every 4 days might be rather frequent but it won't 'block her up.' Really you should feed 1-2 pinkies once every 5-7 days. I fed my babies on 1 a week for a while and noticed they looked a bit straggly and weren't growing much. I found that feed them every 5 days, and varying it by sometimes giving them 1 pinky and other times 2 depending on their appetite and whether they looked skinny/chubby works better.

You might not notice the poo depending on what you are keeping them on. Its not very big with a babe. If you keep your baby snake on something light such as aspen wood bedding, broadsheet or kitchen towel then you baby's poo will be very noticeable. It'll be moderately black and partly white/cream. If you have your baby on woodchips the poo might be dried up somewhere surrounded by it- its very easy to lose them as they'll dry up quick. Babies regularly do their poos in the corner somewhere and once its dried up its easily missed. Or if you hold on to your baby on a dark-coloured substrate eg coco husk or any kind of soil then you'd be totally lucky to find a visible poo.

I do expect you baby has be pooing, swap it onto some kitchen towel or something for a week and see.

The person above was talking more or less an adult corn snake which is not relevant, adults should be fed every 7- 10 days anyway, once a fortnight is tremendously stingy. I heard of one person who only feed once a month on a big rat! Not the recommended or normal feeding method.

Corns will poo a few days after they've eaten. With my babies I find it may whip anywhere between 2-5 days. With my adult corns it usually takes between 4-10 days. Make certain the temperature is correct otherwise incomplete digestion/regurgitation might occur, and low temp might affect how long it take for a piece of food to be digested. If they sit at the hot end of the tank it may come out quicker than if they're laze at the cool end. But either way it'll come out eventually.

Other pooing info...: They commonly like to poo s they shed their skin and in water. If you suppose your corn might be constipated try half fillinf a small tub with slightly tepid hose. Stick them in it and place the lid on, while holding it so they can't get out but without seal the air out. It often stimulates them to go whether they need to. Mine have tiny water bowls but regularly manage to get the poo in nearby! Exercise, and stress can also stimulate them go more. With pale bellied corns like amels, snows, blizzards etc you might know how to see food passing through the digestive system, and see when there's something close to the cloaca. If you (gently) squeeze it towards the hole you could get some to come out, and you'll know your baby's digestion is working basically fine.
You may want to go to a specialty vet, because i have a baby corn snake who is 3 months and after i nurture her i can usually see, after about 2-3 days, in her hold her "poo".
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