Bearded dragon acting crazy?

okay well i just got a child bearded dragon about 4 days ago.he was pretty relaxed the first day I got him but now he's be acting pretty crazy...running around his tank and trying to squirm out of my hands...and he didn't eat anything nowadays although he did eat all the other times I fed him. Could it be that he's of late adapting to his enviorment or is it something else?
on the first day he was probably in shock.
but he might newly be frightened,
you have to tame him repeatitly and just try again and again.
this happen to me when i got mine
but yours will calm down just hold alot of sticks and climbing area and good subsrate and feed him/her alot of vegies and crix and woodies
and virtuous luck!
Check your temperatures, check your lighting (UVB is essential), and net sure that your little guy has a place to HIDE. He needs that.

If he have plenty of cover to hide in and feel in safe hands, he'll likely get his appetite back in a flash. However, if he doesn't eat within 3 or 4 days, and you're certain your cage is all correct, embezzle him promptly to a reptile vet.

And leave him alone--don't handle him until he's been settled contained by and has been eating ably for a couple of weeks. Baby beardies are fragile creatures--let him get some size before you start stressing him with handling. Remember that reptiles NEVER relish handling. They only get used to it. Healthy BABY reptiles will always try to go and get away from you. The more vigorously they try to escape, the healthier they probably are. You're a big startling predator out to eat them, in their mind.
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Like other responses have said, he is probably stressed out. I would recommend that you let him settle surrounded by at least a week before you really start to handle him.

Get him surrounded by to a routine such as a feeding schedule and let him win used to everything before you really start holding him.

Start by gently patting him below his chin and then eventually you will be able to hold him without adjectives the squirming.

Best of luck.
he was probly surrounded by shock the first day
and hes just nervous going on for new tank but always preserve food ther for him
it wil take a little big for him to get use to you it will serenity down
and make sure he has adequate sleep
good luck
your dragon is fine,all babies and adults need to settle in first.your trust is earnt from the beardie purely do it very slowly and gradually and then he will start off to respond to you.all babies are very lively and will run up your arm and explore-they are hygienic!! some beardies dont like to be handled when they are about to shed aswell.he will be fine.restraint and care! enjoy him!!
Could it I don`t know be that your are stressing him out?

When you get a new animal, the best thing to do is walk off it alone, other than taking care/feeding for a 1-2 wk. and give it time to settle in and carry used to its new environment/home, and your huge size and voice. 'The noises in your domestic...

Do you have a barking dog? Other pets? Noisy neighbors? BDs hear very ably...

You look like a giant to it. It's in a strange place. The poor creature is UPSET, dear.

I'd suggest you hindmost off immediately handling the poor thing, and do some research on acclimating your investigational pet. All of this should have been done before you get the lil beastie, but it's good you're asking here now, at least.

He requests time to settle in and adjust. STOP holding him! Just feed, clean, & sermon to him for a week, at least, and let him get used to everything.

Put your foot in the tank, but not near him. Talk soothingly, so he have time to figure out you are not a threat and aren't going to hurt him.

Give that several days, a week, and then advance to stroking him beside a finger. Trust is EARNED - not just given. Go slow. Let him settle in for 2-3 wk. before you set off trying to handle him.

And start that slow... a few minutes, and increase the time a bit every other day.

Be considerate of your strange pet, and you'll become great friends in time.

Good luck.
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