Bearded dragon rate of growth?

i have a 5 mnth old male we get him when 8 weeks only grown an inch but is filling out in the middle according to growth chart he should be something like 12 inches he eats crickets and greens depends on his mood some days he eats 4 to 6 crickets no more does this rate of growth seem usual ?? he seems healthy enough
they get to be 16-24 inches
He's not eating nearly enough crickets, and that's why he's not growing. He should be eating 50-100 crickets per hours of daylight, not 4-6. It makes me think your temps are not hot enough. Make certain you're using a digital thermometer, and up the temps to 105-110. You want to feed him 2-3 times per day as many properly sized crickets as he'll get through in a half hour (or until he stops).
Answers:    No, it doesn't :/

I kept a chart of my beard dragons growth since i got him at 6 weeks old...

At 8 week old he be 9 inches long.

Now at 4 month, 1 week old he is 16 inches long.

So he has pretty much grown an inch every week.

He isn't a german giant or anything either but he is undeniably eating more than your little guy.

My set up is 4 foot by 2 foot wooden vivarium, cage carpet, 12.0 UVB arcadia tube + reflector, in the order of 30! gutloaded bugs per day (mix of crickets/locust/roaches/mealworms), dark leafy veg, MinerALL dust, non UVB basking spot insubstantial.

Is your enclosure large enough? Are your temps melt enough? Are you gutloading his bugs? Are you supplimenting his calcium intake? Is he getting enough UVB?

I'm a bit confused which growth chart you are looking at - 12 inch at 5 month sounds very small to me and for your guy to be smaller than that?

Its sounds to me resembling he probably has Metabolic Bone Disease due to not enough calcium and UVB, that results in stunted growth and deformity and VERY brittle bones. He should get a vet if you think that is to say what it is... But if your set up is ok.

...Maybe you don't have a bearded dragon at adjectives?

There are lizards called Rankins Dragons that are very much like beard dragons but they are much smaller...
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