Burying my pet turtle?

My female painted turtle died of an infection. its positive shes dead. I picked her put of the wild - here was no chance she would have lived much longer, she have bite marks and wounds in the shell- but she lived longer than what she would have. She is a 9 inch long turtle. But anyways i want to bury her. these are some of my design:
Put here in bag then contained by box and bury
put here on a wooden boat and push off into lake that's part of river
bury her contained by the mud in the river

please pick one or send your own answer... and no turtle soup
Bury her in the dirt.This will help out the process of the earth.It will help make more grease over time.Don`t but her in a sack or box if you decide to bury her within the ground.And don`t put her in the river,How would you like it if you be pushed off into the river?Its not to decent.
I am sorry for your loss.I love turtles too although do not bury her if you love her.The animals and racoons get to her contained by less than a week. When my rabbit died I buried it where its habitat was.I propose you have a piece of cardboard and push her off in the mere. that way it will sink after a while and birds will not get to her.
Best of Luck=)

Do not put her in a plastic shoulder bag it is bad for the earth. You can put her in a shoe box and bury her.
Sorry about your loss.

It seem beautiful to push her into the river, but the infection may spread if something gets a hold of her :(
Same go with the mud.

Ever think of pet cremation? You could sprinkle her ashes over the spot you found her.

Answers:    My daughter volunteers at a local reptile rescue center and we have rescued/adopted dozens of animals over the years. As a result, we own also lost many animals over the years. What we do is just put them in some type of plastic container..depends on the size of the pet and bury them surrounded by the backyard. We also put a large rock or brick over the site. That way, it marks the site (helps my daughter cope to put flowers and such nearby every so often) and it keeps other animals from digging up the body.
oh.she died. ='''(

Sorry roughly speaking your loss. Well now she's in heaven and cheerful.

I think you should bury her in a shoe box.
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