Can gerbils procure fleas?

my male gerbil keeps itching behind his ear and sides. i of late have him a few days and i dont know any history only that he was found surrounded by a box with 20 others in a car park. anyone lend a hand? are they prone to skin problems?
assuming you are being serious, yes they can carry fleas but you shoudl be able to see them moving on his body. He might also have mange which is another parasite which you cannot see but is really itchy. If you really foiund him that way pilfer him to the vet to get checked out. and if it is female mortal in a box with 20 others its probably pregnant.
They obtain mites, small animal version of fleas. Push back his hair so you can see the skin, whether it's scaly it's probably more a skin irritation. If it's red and you can see small tiny specks in the hair consequently he probably has mites. You can buy a powder or spray to kill mites, or take him to the vet for treatment. If the skin is crusty and is flaking i would take him to the vet for an examination. Small animals such as gerbils, rats and guinea pigs are all prone to skin problems. Most safe just need treatment which you cna buy at a pet store!
yes they can.
Yes, and ticks as well. They can capture dry skin. This will also cause them to scratch.
Answers:    Yes they can get fleas & other skin problems.

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