Emergency iguana next to a broken leg?

I have two iguana. My green on is a little bigger then my red. For some rationale my green one attacked my red on breaking her leg.Does anyone know if there is anything i can do for her. IF there isn't i after i don't want to waste money taking her to the vet.
Take her to a vet - it's not a waste of money, it's best and whether you're not willing to take your iguana to a vet in situations approaching this you probably shouldn't have gotten it.
Get her into the vet ASAP. A broken limb is not something you can play next to fixing at home. The vet can set her leg and treat her for swelling/pain/etc. A waste of money taking a pet to the vet?? Seriously? Iguanas live a long time, can have adjectives sorts of health issues and, as you have learned, accident happen. If you are not prepared to fork out money for proper care please re-home your ig to someone who will.
Answers:    With the information you put, it tells me that your iguanas are living together. It is best not to house 2 iguanas together, specially w/out knowing the sex of each. 2 Males living together will freshly be h*ll, 2 Females living together may or may not be a bad things, 1 Male 1 Female that just causes possible problems when breeding season comes for them.
I wouldn't recommend doing anything w/ the leg w/out seeing a herp/reptile vet to verify whether the leg is actually broken or if it is something else.
The best advise I can bequeath you is to keep each in different living spaces, and hold the red one to a herp/reptile vet to have checked. Links for the iguana sites will all give pros and cons to housing iguanas together, please read and determine whether it's a risk or not you want to keep going.

Sites for you to read:
http://www.greenigsociety.org/ - http://www.iguanaden.org/ - http://www.anapsid.org/iguana/index.html
A great book to read and have on hand:
Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan
Yahoo have some great sites for Iguana owners... these groups helped me and still help w/ questions .. whether you'd like to join:
http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/BabyI... - http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Iguan...
what i did was the following

get two of those popsicle stick
and put one on each side of the leg and wrap around
that medic video no too tight
and put my somewhere else were he can get any more damage
it should gain better in matter of weeks
Do not try to fix it yourself you will only construct it worse. You need to take it to a reptile vet and it can be fixed. It is not a waste of money to pay envelope for a vet to fix your pet. Iguanas should not be housed together they will fight and will continue to hurt each other or one will eradicate the other.
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